New beginnings

For the past four years, I have been incarcerated in various prisons around the country. It has been an experience I did not expect, did not want, should not have had and will not be repeated.

Being in prison for the first time at the ripe age of 55 was bad enough but being imprisoned for something I had not done made it all the worse. Yes, everyone in prison claims to be innocent only, they don’t; many admit what they’ve done and recognised it as a hazard of a lifestyle they have been forced into and adopted and know of no other way to live. There are those however who are innocent – knowing the wrong person at the wrong time; the wrong place at the wrong time; desperation to find a way to deal with a dire situation.

No, not everyone in prison is innocent but then, not everyone is guilty either.

I’ve met some interesting people; made some good friends and while some of them are rogues, they are also generous, caring and very supportive. Once the ‘ex-prisoner’ label has been stuck onto a person, the glue is very strong and it becomes very difficult to prove who you really are.

I have maintained my innocence and spent the last four years wondering if I am kidding myself; making excuses for bad behaviour but apart from bending unwritten rules to the benefit of others, I can see nothing wrong with what I was trying to achieve. I stole nothing, took nothing, asked for nothing and reaped no rewards. I got satisfaction from helping others who had been put on the scrapheap by society and the system as a whole.

The simple truth is that the prosecution (DWP) were out to get someone and I was caught in the wake. I didn’t even have a proper trial but was clipped to the proceedings as an addendum and received 8 years for taking nothing.

Along with the normal content of this blog, I will share part of the journey as it all ties in. I was accused, tried, convicted, sentenced and ‘sent down’ as part of a conspiracy of deceit, lies and propaganda, aided in part by the lamestream press.

Guilt was established by a group of my ‘peers’. They neither understood nor cared about what was happening in the courtroom; they were overwhelmed by the hype and propaganda of the prosecution QC and told what they should and shouldn’t consider, listen to or decide upon. They were given directions and the judge decided what could be provided as evidence for the defence – anything that might support the truth was denied while unlawful and illegal actions of the DWP were swept under the carpet.