Theories, conspiracies and blowing of whistles

Memes (an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means), like this one here, are ten a penny and while many of these iconic messages try to share information, it is just as easy for them to be used to debunk or ridicule what might otherwise be a serious matter.

Anyone who questionmad-theoristss a message put out by the government will be subjected to such ridicule and the vehemence of these messages will be determined by how much the government (or organisation) wants to debunk those who are asking the questions and this should be a clue to how serious the subject might be.

By why should asking questions be considered a joke? Of course, there are a load of nutters out there who go above and beyond all reason and include alien abductions, witchcraft, satanic rites and a whole bunch of other nonsense which does nothing but undermine legitimate questions that need to be answered.

Even when scientific evidence, expert opinion and wild coincidences contradict those so-called sane, logical explanations, ridicule is thrown at those asking poignant questions in order to make it all go away.

9-11-is-a-lieThere is one recent event that leaves so many questions unanswered and so much scientific evidence unaccepted by the majority of those who choose to ignore it. I refer of course to the tragic events of 9/11.

There is no question in my mind (which is unprotected – no tin foil in sight) that all is not as it should be with this event. As a novice, I followed the news avidly, more so because I had just returned from America the day before with my children and you consider what slight changes to those events might have put those young lives at risk.

I was aghast at the devastation and particularly the loss of life – the image of those people falling to their death is something I will never forget as long as I live. As the news coverage progresses, a tale of terrorism is woven to account for the events, single-minded radicals whose aim is to bring down a culture they despised.

bbc-blooperHowever, it wasn’t long before silly inconsistencies came to light; seasoned fire-fighters on the scene hearing series of explosions; a passport miraculously intact on top of the dust of the collapsed buildings; building 7’s collapse; the media’s reporting of the buildings collapse before the event actually happened; steel girders melting at temperatures that could not possibly have damaged them, and the list goes on.

Any reasonable person would ask questions like ‘how’ and ‘why’. Doubt comes very easily when reasonable, logical thinkers who ask such questions begin to drop like flies as if the ripples of the so-called terror attacks were striking down those who were not there but were, in some way, associated with those who died. Perhaps especially telling is the reaction of then President Bush who was visiting a school and seemed untroubled by the news that New York had suffered such a devastating attack –  we’ve all seen movies where someone farts in the presence of the US President resulting in their being immediately ushered from the room to safety. It’s so easy to feel that he was not surprised by the news because he was expecting it and knew that he was in no danger.

all-we-need-is-the-right-major-crisis-and-the-nations-will-accept-the-new-world-order-david-rockefellerWith so many inconsistencies and unanswered questions, it is easy to look at the words of David Rockefeller speaking at a UN Business Conference on September 14, 1994.

Considering the changes that have been brought into law in the US and here in the UK, these words reverberate and ring all sorts of bells.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder at these things. There is enough detailed analysis, expert opinion and documentation freely available on the Internet for any free-thinker to check for themselves and begin to say … what if?

snowdenWhen someone decides to take action and expose government corruption, they do so knowing that they are putting their life on the line.

People like Edward Snowden who has been forced to take up residence in Russia as a result of his exposé of the NSA’s collection and analysis of telephone calls, emails, text and social media of not only US citizens but those of many other countries around the world should be hailed as modern-day heroes.

These ‘whistle blowers’ put their lives on the line and they become the subject of a witch-hunt and a concerted effort to demonise them as traitors, terrorists or radicals. Mr Snowden was part of something with which he did not agree and his principles as a human being and advocate for the rights of the individual means that he chose to give up his safe, comfortable and compliant life in favour of doing what’s right.

Some may argue that whistle blowers and conspiracy theorists are not the same thing but when governments are caught in a lie by the revelation of the truth, then clearly there are other lies which have yet to come to public attention and only by questioning and seeking those truths will such lies be exposed.

Sitting complacently in your little bubble of life, ignoring the howling of the wolves and their scratching at your door will not save you from the consequences of government machinations in the long run.

Ignore what is happening at your peril!


What cost justice … not allowed to tell you

Increasingly, the application of justice is wholly dependent on how much money you have.

The recent granting of gagging orders for ‘high profile’ individuals never report on the cost of those gagging orders but certainly only those with money are applying for them so there must be some cost; Lib Dem MP John Hemming claims that it’s the rich and famous who are usually granted gagging orders and that the cost of bringing legal action means the law only offers protection to the rich.

When applications are granted, the recipient becomes a ‘defendant’ and has no opportunity to state their case or defend their position – in the words of one such person, they have “been made a non-person” by the order and would have to commit thousands of pounds to defend their right to free speech.

So how is it that one persons rights can be trampled on by another person?  It can only be through the fact that money brings power.  When two people enter into an extra-marital affair, those already in a relationship are showing their disdain for their marriage and their partner in that marriage and must understand the repercussions should their partner find out about the affair.

Does this give them the right to use their position to protect their indiscretions at the expense of another persons freedom of speech?  In all honesty, wouldn’t we all want to keep our secrets to ourselves and prevent them being broadcast to the world, especially if we were already in the public eye and perhaps our career depended on keeping my secret?

Due to the courts involvement perhaps we will see more rich people entering into affairs more readily because they do not fear exposure, surely such a mind-set would make them ever more egotistical and contemptuous of their fellow man (or woman) because of the protection they feel money can buy them.

Should the courts be protecting the identity of such people?  In this corrupt nation of ours, anything goes – if you can pay for it.  Money is the new religion where those who have it, use it to stamp on the rights of others, the government support this stance because they behave this way all the time – every aspect of our lives is overshadowed by legislation that threatens to criminalise us if we “fail to comply”.

The courts have become tax collectors simply there to enforce the many methods of fining that have come into being through 4,289 new laws under Labour – that’s 33 new monthly ways to make you cough up some money to pay a fine … ka-ching!

Is democracy under house arrest, or has it been banished to the colonies completely

The Independent headline of Friday 29th April 2011 proclaims that “British police arrest pro-democracy demonstrators, before the demonstrations begin”.

Events such as the royal wedding are always good cover for releasing bad news and in the frenzy of the occasion no one noticed the attack on democracy in the provision of special powers granted for the day which allowed police to arrest and remove anyone suspected of being a pro-democracy activist.  As the paper says, this is the latest step towards the increasingly Orwellian police state we find ourselves living in.

Apparently in the preceding week, the police carried out raids up and down the country on social centres and houses citing ‘stolen goods’ as the reason for the raids while other pro-democracy activists have been arrested at their homes in “pre-emptive strikes” while so-called ‘fanatical’ Muslims Against Crusades threatened to demonstrate and police entered into “negotiations” with them.

Students were banned from entering the City of Westminster for five days without a trial or any sentencing carried out and without any crime having been committed.  One of the students charged with “violent disorder” was Alfie Meadows who sustained life threatening injuries which landed him in hospital with bleeding on the brain due to a blow on the head from a police baton.

The police tried to prevent 20-year old Alfie from receiving treatment at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital because it upset them that a protester should receive medical treatment at a hospital “set aside” for the police.  It was only on the insistence of ambulance crew that Alfie was allowed to be treated although he was taken to a resuscitation room out of sight – since when do policemen object to a youngster receiving medical care in order to save his life?

Is there such a great divide between the police and the public that they should be so vindictive and petty – what are our police men and women being told to remove their humanity and to instil such cruelty into their hearts?

HMRC bully boys are at it again

Britain is in debt because it has given a trillion or so taxpayer pounds to the bankers; allowing them to pay themselves extraordinary bonuses while still owing us money; then allowing councils, councillors and fire chiefs to spend money over and above what could be considered realistic; our MPs on the take and lavishing themselves with even more in the way of expenses, then enacting legislation to prevent us hiding our money but exempting themselves; then cutting the education budget of our children and giving the money to Pakistan to educate their children – how are we going to pay for all this expenditure?

Apparently, it’s quite simple.  The powers that be are chasing the likes of Richard Tanner who is 85 years old and owes the tax payer money only because he has asked a question about the amount he has been asked to pay.  The HMRC has demanded amounts from him ranging from £1,059 to £4,629 and Mr Tanner is only waiting for an answer to his query and is quite prepared to pay what he actually owes.

Instead of answering his question, the tax man has sent him a letter which threatens to send in thugs to snatch things from his home to sell at auction for a penny in the pound.  The threatening and unnecessarily harsh letters have caused this 85 year old former design engineer who was awarded an MBE for his working on refuelling aircraft during the Falklands War to lose sleep with worry and concern.

Mark Warburton, director of thieving accountancy firm Grant Thornton and obviously working with these government bully boys blames the powers given to the HMRC by the last government but the company is well known for its collusion with government agencies in order to pervert the course of justice and well as theft in the name of ‘legislation’ so any validation they give should be taken in that light.

Whatever legislation has been put into place to aid these thugs is questionable under Human Rights and Common Law rights that the previous and present governments think they can ignore.  Lawful Rebellion is exactly what this country needs to wake up and smell the stench of corruption.

Remote justice – that’s a new one

High Court judge Sir Nicholas Mostyn is to conduct court hearings by telephone while on holiday 1,800 miles away in Tenerife.  Either he is very dedicated or justice is now so lax that judges don’t even need to attend a courtroom in order to adjudicate on cases.

Mostyn who earns £172,000 a year hears traumatic child care and contentious divorces cases and it is gratifying to see that he takes the traumas in other people’s lives so seriously.  To top things off, he is on holiday with his new partner, Elizabeth Saunders who is also a barrister and whose husband was shot dead by police.

Why isn’t this judge just taking a holiday – presumably the need to undergo this flamboyant theatre is designed to massage his ego to show just how important he is.  This is akin to those taking a laptop to and from the office each day to “work from home” but never making use of it; why pretend?

Quite clearly, in the wake of many concerns about the judicial system as a whole and with the scrutiny under which judges are being put due to the number of celebrity gagging orders being granted, not to mention their proclivity to hear cases in private and so deny access to proper justice; this man should be taking his position more seriously.

Soon, we’ll have justice being dispensed by Robo-Judge.

Abuse of human rights could kill off all rights

Criminals who use the human rights legislation as a scapegoat are putting the entire concept at risk.  This government will seize any opportunity to remove protective legislation as quickly as possible thus leaving us vulnerable and exposed to abuse.

The Sunday Telegraph campaign to stop foreign criminals from claiming the right to a “family life” in order to avoid deportation is excellent news for justice but they should not allow the government to hijack the situation and use it as an excuse to ignore human rights.

It is right that up to 200 foreign offenders who successfully avoided being sent home should have been prevented from doing so but it it not right for Lord Carlile, a LibDem peer, to claim that the public are at risk – this is too broad a statement that can lead to broad changes which affect us all in the long term.

A report by Dominic Raab, a Tory MP who said that “unelected and inexperienced European judges risk triggering a constitutional crisis by attacking the will of politicians” seems to be blissfully unaware that there is already a ‘constitutional crisis’ and that it is NOT the “will of politicians” that is of any importance but rather the will of the people.

What little constitution we have is all that protects us from the will of politicians who have no greater agenda than to criminalise use, remove our right to justice, remove our right to a fair trial, any presumption of innocence under law and more importantly, the treaty that is the Magna Carta which is the cornerstone of common law in this country and still very much in effect although the government and our politicians would have us believe otherwise.

When Nick Clegg was approached with regard to his “Your Freedoms” campaign; he has totally ignored all the factors highlight by Lord Carlile in his role of ‘independent reviewer of anti-terror laws’ because Clegg failed to address any of the many concerns that things like the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 have allowed to happen.

Where it is claimed that ‘recent judgements’ have been at odds with ‘common sense and public opinion’ they speak with forked-tongue because many of the laws introduced by Labour and now upheld by the ConDem hybrid fly in the face of common sense and public opinion yet they take no notice of the concerns of the people.

If anyone with a criminal past comes to this country with criminal intent then they should not necessarily be protected by human rights legislation that is not there to protect their actions, but this devious government cannot be allowed to remove our rights in blanket fashion under the guise of ‘common sense’ and ‘public opinion’ that simply does not exist in the way they claim.

Unfortunately because of successive corrupt and self interested governments, the powers that be have not just crept over our rights but have driven a steamroller straight through them.  Sadly, this lack of democracy and denial of attention to justice and basic human rights now threatens the last bastion of true justice and protection for the common man – we all need to get together and declare “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this any more” – Beale, from the movie Network.

Of all the things we’ve lost … we miss our freedom the most

If you examine some of the Acts passed by Parliament in recent years, you can see a clear purpose to the legislation – the removal of our God-given human rights, civil liberties and access to justice.  Many of the rights removed are fundamental to the Magna Carta Treaty and their introduction is unlawful as a result.


  • Presumption of innocence
  • Freedom of association
  • Freedom of expression
  • Right to peaceful protest


  • Presumption of innocence
  • Freedom of movement


  • Confidentiality of medical records


  • Rights to privacy
  • Confidentiality of medical and financial records
  • Presumption of innocence
  • Suspect’s rights in custody
  • Right to silence


  • Rights to privacy

Confidentiality of financial and other records


  • Presumption of innocence
  • Security of property


  • Right to jury trial
  • Double jeopardy rule


  • Right to jury trial
  • Right to a fair trial
  • Freedom from arbitrary arrest


  • Rights to privacy of communications


  • Potentially all rights – the government can acquire absolute power.  This is an Enabling Act – a piece of legislation used by Hitler in 1933.


  • Presumption of innocence
  • The right to know the evidence and charges/accusations against you
  • The right to a fair trial or, indeed any trial
  • Potentially, almost any right, except the right against torture and the right to life


  • Suspects rights
  • The right to peaceful protest


  • Rights to privacy of communication – a record is kept of all phone calls, emails, mobile phone calls (including location) and internet usage.  This data is stored indefinitely at GCHQ and is happening now, today – as you speak.


This information is courtesy of a video made by which you can view on YouTube here.  There are many more eye opening videos.  Those who bleat about “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” should ask this question of those who would deny you your rights.

Of special interest is the big brother hates being filmed video – take a look as it clearly shows the duplicity of the government and the police who want to keep their beady eye on you but object when you keep an eye on them.  They quote legislation which simply does not exist in an attempt to hide their actions.