Government spin = shadow boxing

Apparently government spin has turned into science.  The Telegraph reports that the food chain is at risk of being poisoned by terrorist groups and that food and drink sold in Britain is under a growing threat and their report comes from Richard Gray who is their Science Correspondent.

Warnings from the Centre for the Protection of national Infrastructure which is part of the Security Service has been telling manufacturers and retailers that their ‘sector’ is vulnerable to attacks by ideologically and politically motivated groups.

Here we go, it was only a matter of time before our government tried to exert more control than ever over our lives and this latest spin gives them the perfect opportunity.

This is a permanent ‘risk’ that everyone faces around the world because we’re so consumer driven; it’s not suddenly gotten worse because someone has made a mistake that has contaminated a few cucumbers.

“The threat is unlikely to decline in the foreseeable future” says it all; our rights, freedoms and liberties have been removed because of this ‘terrorist’ threat, that’s calmed down a little so now we have a new spectre to fight – no doubt there will be armed guards at food processing plants and reservoirs and pretty soon we’ll be buying our food with government issued ration coupons to ‘protect’ us from the possibility of food contamination; a black market will open up where baked beans will be sold for £10 a tin; the government will exert more control over us to stop this ‘racketeering’; we’ll be issued guidance on when, where and how we must shop; if you grow your own food, the government will tax it; if you give a couple of pounds of spuds to old Mrs Jones down the road, the police will arrest you for ‘dealing’ – sounds like fiction doesn’t it!

The only people who will benefit from this scaremongering will be the corporations making money as guardians of our food supply and the government as our ‘saviours’ – grow up and leave the spin to the government; they do a good enough job of undermining our society without the help of the media.

If we use this logic then the NHS is as much a terrorist threat as al-Qaeda, the IRA and (apparently) animal rights activists.  Under the care of the NHS and successive governments, various strains of MRSA have been allowed to develop and flourish infecting thousands of people around the country and killing many of them – where does spin end and reality begin?

Let’s count the days before a huge budget is thrown at this ‘potential’ problem and white papers are written, new Acts and statutes rushed through parliament that makes it illegal carry groceries in a built up area and all sorts of other nonsense that could be managed by good habits and common sense.

This new shadow threat comes from a German doctor who has called for an investigation into how E. coli affected cucumbers got into the ‘food chain’ but it is thought that poor hygiene is to blame – quite how this translates to a terrorist attack it beyond us so it’s clear that the government will be using this as a means of taking further control out of the hands of the people.

If some incompetent twit in Germany didn’t wash his hands and contaminated these cucumbers then sack him and remind people to wash fruit and vegetables before eating them – personally we always peel cucumbers anyway.


Christian values abandoned by wealthy Westminster council

Anyone who reads the report that Westminster council want to ‘criminalise free food for the homeless’ can’t help but be appalled and disgusted.  They want to ban a free soup kitchen that provides food for 150 homeless people in one of the richest of London’s boroughs because basically it amounts to the fact that they make the place look untidy.

What has this country come to when Christian values are thrown away because of a ‘litter problem’ and some disturbance to local residents who, given that they live between Victoria station, busy Victoria Street, a couple of theatres and with Westminster and Parliament just a stone’s throw away, a little noise from the slurping of soup is bound to get on their nerves.

This attitude is a clear indication that our councils are sick to the core and that anti-Christian attitudes and values have permeated the council who couldn’t care less for the homeless.  Nothing could have made this clearer than last years scandal when two senior council officials were investigated by the police for ‘cash-for-homes’ fraud.

This is the latest in a string of examples of councils having lost the plot – they are there to serve the people, not the other way around.  How about Westminster finding homes for the homeless instead of brushing them under the carpet or trying to kill them off by denying them basic human rights?

As bad as the Human Rights legislation might be, this is a clear example that there must be protection for those who cannot speak up for themselves and if the Human Rights Act and the European Convention Human Rights legislation provides that protection, so be it.

Doesn’t this also fly in the face of the governments drive to have local charities pick up the slack of the governments failure to support its people.

This disgusting, non-Christian view is unacceptable and goes against common decency.

ID card idiocy – coalition want us tagged by October despite civil liberties concerns

The coalition government were scathing of Labours plans for an ID register and scrapped those plans as soon as they got in – with a general sigh of relief all around.  It is now reported that they have quietly begun work on a new national identity system which is due to be in place as early as October.

They claim that the purpose of the scheme is to cut Whitehall administration costs by delivering public services on-line via the web which is all well and good but when nearly half the UK population have no internet access, they will be excluded from accessing such services.

Francis Maude tries to justify the governments position by claiming:

“Currently customers have to enter multiple login details and passwords to access different public services, sometimes on the same website,” said  Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister responsible for the cross-government plan.

“This involves significant duplication, is expensive to operate and is highly   inconvenient for users.”

Which is all well and good but the various departments have chosen to implement diverse and conflicting systems with no logical or consistent front-end; the multitude of login requirements for different public services should have been taken into account in the first place and there is no real indication that an ID card will ease this problem – the front-end of each government website has to be adjusted whether you have a card or a single ID and PIN; the logic doesn’t hold water.

His further claims of “identity assurance” is also nonsense because no system is 100% secure and when dependency is placed entirely on the basis of a single form of ID, then the civil servants and bureaucrats will need to think less and simply take up the cry of ‘computer sez no’ – it’s a recipe for disaster and the government is spinning a tale to justify the implementation of the new ID system. (Cartoonby: Royston Robertson).

A full report was presented to the DWP over a year ago highlighting the failure of the various government websites to provide the information they claim is there; broken links, dead-ends and errors were all documented and presented to the DWP who failed to consider the issues and simply buried the problem thereby preventing disabled people from accessing the services they required.

People are being taken to court by councils for non-payment of council tax, when they have every payment receipt in their hands yet because someone has neglected to do their job, a box does not get ticked and the computer generates a letter leading to a summons to appear before the Judge and all because there is no need to think because the computer does it for you.

Public services should include personality, humanity and accessibility – this trend of putting even more distance between the master and slave (the tax-payer being the master should there be any doubt) is worrisome because it reduces the public to a numbered statistic rather than a human being.

We notice that the primary intention is the identity assurance nonsense to bolster forthcoming radical reforms to the benefits system which will invariably hit disabled people the hardest as they have the most barriers between them and the use of computer technology.

Guy Herbert, the general secretary of NO2ID hits the nail on the head when he comments that the bureaucratic imperative to collect and share data will take precedence no matter what the original intentions of this scheme might be.

Bush doesn’t want to return to the scene of his crime

Clearly, George Bush is more canny than we give him credit for – he’s sticking to the famous adage of “don’t return to the scene of a crime” and has turned down an invitation to attend a ceremony at Ground Zero.

Given the inconsistencies surrounding the events of 9/11 and the clear indications that it may have been an “inside job” who can blame Bush for keeping a low profile.

No matter, if this picture is anything to go by, he’ll be there in spirit – hiding in plain site; creepy huh!

Cameron’s insistence that Britain must stay vigilant after the death of Bin Laden is scaremongering

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water  ….. no, that’s the other shark isn’t it.

Apparently, we must be more vigilant than ever says David Cameron because there will be reprisals after the killing of Bin Laden which was, if you believe the hype, a “strike at the heart of international terrorism”.  Hogwash, we have more to fear from the lying, thieving bunch in Westminster than we have to fear from the spectre of terrorism.

Thanks to the legislation imposed on us – for our own good – we are a nation afraid to take a photograph of a public place lest we be accused of terrorism and dragged off to the cells.  The scaremonger government has succeeded where terrorism might have failed.  Where al-Qaida is supposedly responsible for undermining democracy, it is actually our own power-crazed government that carries that distinction.

Many of us more senior persons of this country have lived with the spectre of IRA bombings for years, we went about our business and no government saw fit to remove our liberties in order to protect our freedoms (no, we don’t get it either).  We went to work and did not give in to the constant threat of being attacked, we got on with it and survived and prospered; today, we are a nation of cowards, made too afraid to stand up for our liberties and what we know to be truth, justice and honest.

This is Common Purpose and the New World Order control that is dragging us all towards a totalitarian state with Nanny Britain and PC Britain deciding our every move and dictating how, where and when we should live our lives.

Don’t give in to fear mongers like David Cameron and the US President Obama – it is their sort that have caused this situation to occur as it has been the plan of governments to create a new global enemy as soon as the last brick was removed from the Berlin Wall and the cold war was over.


Education needs an enema

Apparently head teachers are now saying what many parents have been saying for years – education of our young is suffering as a result of bean-counting, paper pushing bureaucracy which means the gathering of statistics takes precedence over actual education.

Russell Hobby, the general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers said that and “over reliance on league tables risked causing unseen damage to the education system”.  Many of us would suggest that that point had already been reached and that the damage is far from unseen.

Education has always been seen as a chore to surly youngsters but most of the time all it took was to find the key to unlock their particular potential but there is a flame in all young people that can be fanned into a blaze if only the time were taken to find it and nurture it but that’s not what modern education is all about.

Statistics, statistics, statistics is all that matters where individual potential is being ignored for the almighty league tables.  Whole classes of less able students are being side-lined and ignored so that teaching efforts can be directed towards exam results that in turn secure the funding the school wants to maintain the power base.

Students are being drilled on passing exams and being denied any instruction, notes or direction while lesson after lesson is used as a means of instructing on what is required to pass the exam and ignoring any subject content or even any guise of teaching.

Young people need inspiration and guidance to achieve their potential which often is not academic in nature but more practical, this emphasis on academic league tables does many of our youngsters a disservice and does nothing to inspire a love of anything.

DWP – fat equals lazy – divisive and demeaning

Our guardian saviours, the DWP, have released yet more figures in an attempt to garner public support for their witch hunt against the most needy in society.  Official figures show over 81,000 people to be incapacity benefit because they are “too fat to work”.

We’ve operated as advocates for people who have barriers in getting back to work due to reasons such as disability which means that we’re familiar with all sorts of DWP schemes and forms and rest assured that none of them have any boxes which ask the applicant to state their weight.  Many people gain weight due to a number of medical conditions or as a result of a loss of mobility – to suggest that anyone is “too fat to work” is simply an attempt by the DWP to foster the idea that fat equals lazy.

The DWP is only creative when it comes to denying people any assistance; when they are asked to provide information on getting back to work they consistently fail to deliver.  This is the latest attempt to divide the population and we’ll see how long it takes before overweight people are attacked in the streets.

Ministers love this sort of statistic as it justifies claims that they are doing a good job is tackling this ‘abuse’ of the public purse which distracts from their own abuse.  We’re already mentioned Chris Graylings fraudulent expense claims in a previous post but these attempts to demonise people in order to justify their aggressive behaviour is not acceptable.

These “medical” tests are carried out by a firm called ATOS which is a foreign IT consultancy; their assessors have no medical training and they have but one brief – to remove as many people from the benefits system as possible; they are paid a premium of £1,500 for each one they remove.  There is nothing medical about the assessment and even DWP who were sacked because they were considered too ill to continue in their job were later classed as “able to work” by these non-trained, financially motivated assessors.

When is the Minister for Employment going to turn his attention to the creation of jobs so that people can be gainfully employed?  Instead, he sits back while Iain Duncan Smith’s department systematically drops people from the books and does nothing to assist them past that point; is there some black hole that swallows up these non-working, non-benefits claimants?

These ‘new’ figures are the same as those cranked out last week which reported on 81,000 having drug, drink or weight related problems affecting their ability to work.  We’re led to believe that these are new figures highlighting new problems when it’s the same figures regurgitated over and over again as propaganda to support the witch hunt.