Murder death kill … what are our police trained for these days?

We’re police … we’re not trained for this sort of thing!

Certainly, it’s not a very nice world we live in; our society has been diluted by the so-called multiculturalism that seems to be the politicians mantra and cries of “racist” and “discrimination” ring out if any doubt or condemnation of it is voiced.  Britain plays host to many races and cultures, members of which are happy to embrace the cultures of the country while enjoying the freedom to honour their own culture.

Many members of those cultures however want nothing more than to destroy the British way of life by bringing their own particular brand of crime and disruption to our shores and then claiming asylum when caught and punished.  This has led to gettoised culturalism where gang culture flourishes and crime becomes a way of life; no-go zones are established which are avoided by the authorities in order to prevent ‘racial tension’ and where the mob rule becomes the established norm.

When we know our police won’t enter a park after dark because they can’t deal with the results then we know what an absolutely sick culture we now live in.  When our police begin to screen out crimes which are too difficult to solve then we know they have completely lost the plot.

What’s left for them to do?  Well, let’s see; there are motorists – they’re an easy target; benefits fraud, that’s a nice easy one too; how about domestic violence – nope, that’s a civil matter now … how about speaking your mind or having an opinion of your own; yep, that’s easy because you’re probably a radical and that’s just another name for a terrorist after all.

What about attending a public meeting at the local council – yes, that’s an arrestable offence now – you might discover the truth behind the real fraud being enacted in this country; taking a photograph of a police officer, that’s against the law … no it’s not ….. what?  It’s not against the law – the police or shopping mall security drone might say it’s illegal, but it’s not – yet!

So let’s get this right – the police can now decide which crimes to investigate and chose not to pursue those which are too difficult to solve because it might affect their statistics.  While Labour enacted thousands of new ways to create criminals and the Condems do nothing to unravel the mess (despite Clegg’s ‘Your Freedoms’ bollox) which means that everyone is under suspicion of something or other – all the time; we now have a police force that can act as policy makers.

For those familiar with the film “Demolition Man” – you’ll recognise that we’re now at the point in that predicted future where the police are unable to cope with  ‘real crime’ – stop the world, we want to get off!


A man in uniform …. is not all he’s cracked up to be

When someone dons a uniform of authority, it does not change who they really are and it does not mean that they honour that uniform even though, in the case of the police, there is an oath that goes with it, which says:

I, … of … do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law.

The important part of this oath is the “prevent all offences against people and property” because these two items are exactly what Common Law is all about, so this is confirmation that Common Law is alive and well – even if the powers that be want to drown it in statutes and Acts of parliament.

Following the unlawful death of Ian Tomlinson at the hands of PC Harwood, another police officer, PC John Hayter (appropriate name) wrote on his Facebook page “I see my lot have murdered someone again.  Oh well, shit happens.”  There are complaints on police blogs that police officers are “people too” and that they have families and are part of the community they serve – PC Hayter’s comments tell another story as he is perhaps one of many who consider themselves outside of society which is contradictory to what they would have us believe.

Another police constable from Enfield, PC Rob Ward, said on his Facebook page that he ‘couldn’t wait to bash up some long-haired hippies’, surely this is inciting violence and PC Ward went to his place of work looking for trouble – that’s a criminal offence in anyone else’s book and as he went armed and equipped for violence.

One of the above is obviously a drunken soccer fan, out for trouble at Wembley and was caught burning the flag of a rival football team which is bound to cause trouble, right!  The thing is though, that they are all police officers.  Is it fair to expect our police to not have real lives?  Not to have thoughts, ideas and opinions of their own?

There is no doubt that being a police officer in modern Britain is fraught with difficulty and even danger but does that automatically excuse them to become legalised thugs and to lose all humanity – we think not.  If we’re a road sweeper and don’t like being on our feet all day, then we won’t make a very good road sweeper will we.  If we’re a police officer who is so full of fear that we turn into a bully or perhaps we are a bully who becomes a police officer, then either way, we’re not going to make a very good one are we.

One thing is clear and will never change – you cannot break the law in upholding the law – we (the people) just ain’t gonna stand for it.

Cops love a cup’o Java

What this report in the London Evening Standard highlights is that we’ve become a nation of bitter and twisted moaners, and rightly so when you consider what we have to put up with.

Like all situations, the good police officers will just have to suffer along with the bad ones; that’s how society is being treated so they can’t feel victimised.

The fact that our lives are dominated by rules, regulations and statutes that invariably result in fines and/or a criminal record, is it any wonder we get miffed at silly reports like this?

We get “zero tolerance” shoved down our throats when we’re doing 31 in a 30 area; we have enforcements officers for everything from smoking to blowing your nose in public; we are fined for littering when a £10 note drops from our pocket; we have police road blocks to sniff our drivers who smoke in works vans – is it any wonder we get out of our collective pram when we have police rushing through our streets with two’s and blue’s going, then parking where they’ll obstruct traffic and all for a cup of coffee.

Perhaps it’s the flagrant arrogance and disregard for the reaction of the public that causes the most concern – certainly for us, this is a clear indication of the divide that now exists and the fact that the police really do feel that they are better than us and not accountable for their actions.

Strange case of too much Guinness for Lord Maginnis

How very odd that Lord Maginnis (pictured) considers that the potential prosecution of PC Simon Harwood for his involvement in the death of Ian Tomlinson is to make him some sort of “fall guy”.

Simon Harwood is clearly guilty of having caused the death of Mr Tomlinson even if it was not necessarily his intent to do so.  Mr Harwood was in a position of responsibility and trust and he abused that trust in knocking Ian Tomlinson to the ground in an unnecessarily brutal way.

PC Harwood then lied about his involvement and it was only by the provision of evidence from someone outside the country that the truth was shown for the whole world to see.  To make matters worse, the Crown pathologist, Dr Freddy Patel gave a false report on the cause of Mr Tomlinson’s death in an effort to cover up the crime.

We think that Simon Harwood has had enough “tangible support” and that just because he is a police constable why Lord Maginnis feels that he will be a “sacrifice” if he is made to account for his actions is beyond us; is he then exempt from the rules that the rest of society have to abide by?

ashi rani who comments on the London Evening Standard report says:

leave the young police officer alone. I feel sorry for him and the Tomlinson family are only after compensation when in real life, they couldnt give a stuff about Ian Tomlinson. why was he homeless if he had a family. seems like they had kicked him out of his own house and now that he is dead, there is crocodile tears.

As if to suggest that PC Harwood’s treatment of Ian Tomlinson is acceptable because if his family failed him then it is acceptable for the police and for society to fail him too – what a completely moronic thing to imply and it’s folk like this who prove just how dysfunctional our society has become.

Prosecution of PC Harwood will send a message to the police that even they are accountable for their actions and they should carry themselves accordingly and that police brutality will not be tolerated even in the name of upholding policy as was the case at the G20.

Is democracy under house arrest, or has it been banished to the colonies completely

The Independent headline of Friday 29th April 2011 proclaims that “British police arrest pro-democracy demonstrators, before the demonstrations begin”.

Events such as the royal wedding are always good cover for releasing bad news and in the frenzy of the occasion no one noticed the attack on democracy in the provision of special powers granted for the day which allowed police to arrest and remove anyone suspected of being a pro-democracy activist.  As the paper says, this is the latest step towards the increasingly Orwellian police state we find ourselves living in.

Apparently in the preceding week, the police carried out raids up and down the country on social centres and houses citing ‘stolen goods’ as the reason for the raids while other pro-democracy activists have been arrested at their homes in “pre-emptive strikes” while so-called ‘fanatical’ Muslims Against Crusades threatened to demonstrate and police entered into “negotiations” with them.

Students were banned from entering the City of Westminster for five days without a trial or any sentencing carried out and without any crime having been committed.  One of the students charged with “violent disorder” was Alfie Meadows who sustained life threatening injuries which landed him in hospital with bleeding on the brain due to a blow on the head from a police baton.

The police tried to prevent 20-year old Alfie from receiving treatment at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital because it upset them that a protester should receive medical treatment at a hospital “set aside” for the police.  It was only on the insistence of ambulance crew that Alfie was allowed to be treated although he was taken to a resuscitation room out of sight – since when do policemen object to a youngster receiving medical care in order to save his life?

Is there such a great divide between the police and the public that they should be so vindictive and petty – what are our police men and women being told to remove their humanity and to instil such cruelty into their hearts?

PC Harwood lies about Ian Tomlinson’s death and government collusion is ignored

The coroner at the inquest of Ian Tomlinson is telling the jury that it would “have to be sure police officer’s actions had been intentional and dangerous”.  Anyone who has viewed the video footage can conclude only one thing – that PC Simon Harwood did what he did deliberately and with intent to harm Mr Tomlinson.

It could be argued that he did not intend to cause death to Ian Tomlinson but does that really excuse what he did and the way he did it.  He lied to cover up the result of his actions by telling the inquest that he hit and shoved Mr Tomlinson because he was “being defiant” and was “encroaching” on a police line – clearly neither of these statements were true and he changed his false claims when confronted with the footage the whole world has seen.  It’s akin to the increase in nonsensical charges such as “arresting someone for resisting arrest” – think about it!

Death at the G20 Protest Picture with an excellent article here:
[The Bad] PC Simon Harwood  and indifferent colleagues;
[The Good] Ian Tomilinson and helping bystander;
[The Ugly] Paul Stephenson (MPS), Keir Starmer (CPS), Nick Hardwick (IPCC) and Freddy Patel (GMC)

There is no doubt in the mind of any right-thinking person that the force used by PC Harwood was unreasonable, excessive and illegal.  It doesn’t matter what particular part of what particular action was the root cause of Mr Tomlinson’s death – the man is dead and at the hands of a bully-boy policeman who turned into a policyman caring more for the political nature of the event than for the rights and liberties of the individuals.  The indifference shown by the other police officers is of great concern; the propaganda that all people are criminals has worked on these drones who have lost all traces of humanity that should provide the barrier required to ensure they see people as human beings and not as objects of contempt.

The Home Office pathologist, Freddy Patel who tried to support the position of the police in making false claims over the death of Mr Tomlinson points to corruption and collusion within the system that tries to dictate that politicians are more important than the people of this country – everything they do points to this; the government is duplicitous, conspiratorial and have nothing by Common Purpose firmly in their minds.

PC Simon Harwood killed Mr Ian Tomlinson – it’s a fact that can’t be denied; the intent is irrelevant but clearly Mr Tomlinson offered no threat to Simon Harwood that should have caused him to act the way he did; by donning the riot gear and under the auspices of political authority, he felt protected and untouchable and behaved accordingly – his actions were no different to a football hooligan causing unnecessary harm to others at a football match, egged on and overwhelmed by the situation.

One thing is clear –  we cannot stand by while the government and its agencies grant themselves more and more power over us which leads to an attempt to cover up the actions of the police at the expense of the life of even one individual.

Just as the government and local councils want to make examples of any person who fails to comply with their diktats, PC Harwood has to be convicted in order to send a message back to the police that their oath is to protect the public and not to protect policy and that there still exists a line over which they should not and cannot cross.

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of money well spent – and our police are a good example of money not well spent

Apparently, it takes three plastic police to ‘bond’ with a bored teenager and they get in touch with his age-group through text messages via their mobile phones – the only problem is that the teen doesn’t have a mobile on him and is sitting on his hands.

While the country is going to hell in a hand-basket and crime is going unsolved and unchecked and while police forces are under pressure to save money and use that as an excuse for not getting to grips with real crime, Hertfordshire police feel it is an appropriate use of resources to have three plastic police sitting by the riverside to supervise the youngster.

A spokesman for the police said that the police staff are youth and schools PCSOs and that they were part of an organised local scheme which ‘gets young people involved in positive activities’.  Quite clearly, neither the youngster nor the police officers are involved much in any activity and it is not clear what they expect the youngster to gain from the fishing trip – he appears to be getting the same indifferent treatment on the riverbank that he probably gets at home and which has made him a tearaway in the first place.

When it comes to sloping away from their duties to visit a brothel in Soho, other plastic police are happy to abandon their posts for some down time.  Being only five doors down from a Met community safety office they were caught out by a passing sergeant who spotted them and were suspicious of their motives.  The four plastics were dismissed for bringing the force into disrepute – no, really!

Apparently figures released last year show that one in seven Blunkett Bobbies has been investigated for misconduct; with 160 charged with criminal offences, so clearly another stupid idea from a stupid politician needs to be reviewed, revised and scrapped.

And let’s not forget the Blunkett was yet another Minister who got caught in his wrong doing yet never suffered any consequences.  He was a former DWP Minister and Home Secretary and was instrumental in the despotism that runs through every aspect of our lives today.

What we need to fight crime is real police on the beat not this surplus of so-called civilian officers who have no power other than to give local children something to laugh at.

Mind you, even the real police need to get their priorities sorted out when they wade in heavy handedly to confiscate shotguns from a woman who reported threats against her life by Travellers wielding chainsaws and felling her trees for firewood.  Apparently she had inflamed the situation because she had dared to argue with them to remove them from her property and although her shotguns were licensed and legally owned and had remained locked away the entire time, the police felt it necessary to barge and and remove them, even threatening to rip the cabinet from the wall.

Although she was verbally threatened and had rocks and fence posts thrown at her; her life had been threatened with offers to slit her throat and the throats of her cattle but she was the antagonist according to the police.  They did their usual ‘visit’ but could not find the teenager involved but sent armed officers to confiscate the shotguns – talk about disproportionate and inappropriate behaviour – mind you, this is Essex police we’re talking about and they operate best when stopping plumbers at roadblocks to check for illicit smoking.

Well, we certainly feel safer in our beds for the excellent performance of this police force – well done lads (and lasses),