Perverse justice

There is something quite perverse about the British courts supporting a convicted terrorist’s rights to stay in Britain while the Home Office wants him out.  He is a Muslim and cannot be named and was found guilty of terrorism in Tunisia and was extradited to Italy where he faced further accusations – quite why he has ended up here is not clear but he can stay here while fighting the government to stay here permanently due to a ‘loophole’ in immigration law.

This loophole creates a back door that allows dangerous people to stay here according to ‘experts’ and opens a can of worms for the Home Office for a small number of people who could ‘pose serious risks to national security’.  The Tunisian national was found guilty in his home country yet is fighting his extradition because it would not be safe to return home – no kidding!

Anthony Glees who is a professor of ‘security and intelligence’ at the University of Buckingham says that “the judiciary are putting the rights of terrorists and terrorist suspects above the rights of ordinary people in this country to go about their daily lives in peace” and we would agree with that except for one important point.

Our government have enacted such draconian and conflicting legislation in the past decade that no ordinary person in this country is able to go about their daily lives in peace anyway.  Now we are advocates of Human Rights and even if the rules and laws are a bit mad, they offer at least some protection of the people from the heavy-handedness of our government but even our credulity is stretched by the viability of this situation.

When our own people cannot go about their lives without constant interference and disruption and face a daily and constant barrage of laws, by-laws, enforcements and similar abuses of power it sticks in the craw to have situations like this develop and for further legislation to be enacted as a result which will make life even more difficult for the people of this country and all because the government isn’t fit for purpose.

Read the full report in The Telegraph – its PC Britain at its most insane.


DWP get aggressive to save money for influx of migrants

The aggression in recent months of the DWP in ceasing benefits for what they call, the work-shy, cheats and fraudsters is being touted as “protecting the public purse”.

In fact, the government have been painfully aware of changes in the rules that have prevented Eastern Europeans for claiming unemployment, housing and council tax benefits are being lifted from May 1st which means that there will inevitably be an influx of immigrants and what is being described as ‘benefits tourism’ from eight former Communist countries.

The only qualification for claiming benefits will be to have resided in the UK for at least three months and clearly, the country has experienced a great influx of migrants who will qualify to claim immediate benefits from next Sunday.  Migrants from generally poorer nations such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Slovenia will, according to Professor Krystyna Iglicka, an expert in migration for the Centre for International Relations in Warsaw, “make Poles feel even more at home in Britain and it is another reason why they will never leave”.

People like Eva Katona are being told that the unemployment benefit in England is higher than a salary at home and they can “go on the dole as soon as I get there”.  This 22 year old is considering moving to Britain from Budapest to work as a nanny or carer.  She claims that it is not her intention to do so but feels it is “nice to have the sort of security” you would not find at home but one wonders how long it will be before Eva is jostling shoulder to shoulder with the rest of those looking for security.

The problem is that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Eva feeling secure and being happy.  The problem lies with the duplicitous government and the DWP who, in their sanctimonious way claim to protect our interests and rally the nation behind subversive claims that those in need are milking the system (something our MPs know all about) while simply marshalling our resources for what they know is coming on May 1st.

A 20 year old barman, Kamil Lesniak says he will be on his way to the UK tomorrow if the British benefits system could match his monthly income of £450 and of course at around £250 a week, young Kamil will be on £1,000 a month which is more than double what he had previously – and he doesn’t have to work for it either.  He’s not at fault for wanting to better himself.

The Home Office claims that it does not know how many migrants would be attracted to Britain by the relaxation of rules but estimates it will cost £30million a year – what utter nonsense.  When Britain asked about the total 30,000 Polish Nationals in this country, Poland replied that we have 800,000 (can’t remember which year) making it clear that the Home Office hasn’t got a clue so their estimates for the effects on the public purse are pure fiction or wishful thinking.

In 2008, the scale of immigration proved to be 15 times greater than government estimates, the cost of the 600 daily arrivals, 145,000 of which claim benefits costing the taxpayer £170million.  This constituted a 109% increase in claimants at a time when rules were stricter and more stringent – we can only imagine what will happen once the restrictions are lifted next Sunday.

What’s interesting is that Polish Migrants UK put the current numbers of Poles in the UK at between one and two million.  Official government figures are flawed because they count only those arriving at the major air terminals and do not factor in those arriving by road and through provincial airports.

Headless chicken syndrome of the nanny state

Mad Nanny Britain has decided that the M1 fire is the result of some random dog-end thrown into the Apex scrapyard below the motorway is responsible for closing down the M1 and causing chaos for the thousands of families who will now face travel chaos over Easter – as reported in The Mail.

Having travelled by train for more years than I care to remember, passing over viaducts on my way to London Bridge, looking down on businesses that have been there since the year dot.  Piled high with what looks like a load of old rubbish; cars in various states of disrepair, being broken down for spare parts, grease and oil everywhere; piles of paper and rags being sorted and recycled.

All this during the years when trains had real windows that opened and dragging reluctant commuters to their places of work – many of them smoking their heads off and probably disposing of their cigarette ends through the wide open windows and many of them, no doubt, finding their way onto the various piles below – I can’t recall in all those years one instance where a fire has been started in this way.  Why is it then with the alarmist nanny state gone mad with it’s ‘elf n safety; legislation for everything you can think of, that only during this propagandist nonsense do they blame a cigarette – because it allows them to bring more legislation to bear on an already burdened country, that’s why!

The report brings to light the incompetence of the Highways Agency is doing their usual jobs-worth style of maintenance and repair.  They should be embarrassed by the fact that following substantial damage by the earthquake to the Joban Expressway in Japan, the folks from East Nippon Expressway Company immediately started repairs and had the motorway completely restored and open for business in just six days.

While Nanny Britain convenes yet another committee to discuss whether “combustibles should be allowed under motorways”, the Japanese got on with it and got the job done – even in the face of thousands dead, tsunami and earthquake threats and a possible nuclear meltdown.  No doubt our own Highways Agency will be crying over one excuse or another and declaring how very unfair we all are to expect them to do their job quickly and efficiently.

These comparative photographs (borrowed from The Mail) show what can be accomplished in six-days when you’re not running around like a headless chicken squawking out excuses and bleating about how difficult life is – when it’s time to show your mettle, this government and it’s agencies are a bunch of whiners.

(c)The Mail

London Taliban hate campaign

England is a hotbed of racial intolerance, with nurses being severely punished for offering prayers to sick people; workers at British Airways being penalised for wearing a crucifix; persecution of a man daring to display a palm cross on the dashboard of his van – sorry, the company van because it might be construed that the company is “Christian”.  Has Christianity become such a dirty word in Christian Britain?  Don’t worry though, PC Britain is on the case.

With these heinous acts of sedition at the hands of thugs like Mr Colin Atkinson, an ex-soldier who served in Northern Ireland and who, most importantly, does not shove his faith down the throats of other people – is it any wonder that the country is going down the toilet.  We’ve ordered horse-hair shirts for them all and booked their places in the Tower of London.

While the system is seeking to penalise these people, in east London’s Whitechapel Asian women are being threatened with death at the hands of so-called London Taliban extremists who are waging their own hate campaign against anyone who does not conform to their way of thinking.

Apparently, intimidation and threats of death are all perfectly acceptable outward signs of one’s faith and in PC Britain it seems that only Christianity is attracting the attention of those who might be offended what with “Christmas” displays becoming “Winter” displays and with the Taliban putting up posters around the east end of London proclaiming Christmas to be “evil” even the most liberal of us are left with a bitter taste in our mouths.

Christmas and Christianity is under direct attack from Mr Rumaysah who, in association with Anjem Choudary (pictured), the leader of the banned militant group Islam4UK have declared Christmas to be a lie and that it is the duty of Muslims to attack it but claiming that the attacks are primarily at the “fruits of Christmas” like alcohol abuse and promiscuity and other evils that lead to abortion, domestic violence and crime.

If the abuse suffered by women at the hands of their men is anything to go by then some of us need to practice what they preach.  Might one ask what happens to us non-Muslims in the event that Islam and sharia law is adopted for Britain as they would wish?  Would we infidels be put to the sword and disposed of as the alcohol consuming, promiscuous evil doers that we all are?

Converts such as Mr Rich Dart, a former BBC worker and who is currently unemployed but in receipt of benefits to pay for a £300,000 flat in Bow is now proclaiming that “when the Taliban defeat the allies we will establish sharia law and take the fight to the enemy” – that’s us apparently; anyone who is not Muslim or in tune with the extremist views of the Taliban.  Mr Dart is another example of rubbishing the very people who are funding his life – perhaps his conversion was simply a ploy to allow him to enjoy state benefits under a religious umbrella knowing that PC Britain would be unwilling to feel his collar.

The police pay whatever lip-service is required of them to placate the remaining Christians in this country so that there can be no direct examples of bias but we’re all very much aware that PC Britain is an ineffectual force that has already been sent scurrying for the hills.

Can we just remind ourselves who is being intolerant and who is not – we seem to have become confused on that somewhere along the line.