ID database gets go-ahead; ID cards will surely follow

The Telegraph reports on the Condem’s latest initiative to remove our civil liberties – where did this little gem spring from?  A new database to be introduced next week that holds the details of 15 million people (a quarter of the population of Britain) must have taken some effort to fund, organise, purchase, develop, install and ‘test’ – so where’s the white paper on this?  Included are the details of around 6 million innocent people and victims of crime so it’s not a great leap of the imagination to see a database that contains details on everyone.

Apparently more than 12,000 ‘approved’ people will have access to this database and bollocks to anyone who says “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”.  With so many new laws introduced by Labour it is only a matter of time before everyone breaks one law or another which will warrant them being included in the ever growing database until every man, woman and child will be included as a matter of course and the abandoned ID register will suddenly be in place with ID cards being compulsory for those with a criminal record, perhaps a blue one for those who are not guilty of any crime but you will have to carry it to show to any uniform that has the power to stop you to prove that you have no criminal record – what a clever government.

We know of someone who works in Westminster who has been interviewed four times by her local council housing office because there is a “flag” against the address although they have no idea why – this is the result of the database mentality (it must be right cos the ‘puter sez so) which will have some jobs-worth going along every 3 months because the database says they should although they don’t know what they are looking to achieve and can’t possibly gain any results from this waste of time.

This is a real life example of that reliance on computers does to the brain and the size of this proposed database (a Condem initiative despite slamming a similar Labour idea) will mean that there will be considerable errors which will never be corrected and while will – over time – change the perspective of the data it supposedly represents.

The events of 9/11 and 7/7 gave both the US and UK governments exactly the excuse they needed to implement their ‘terror’ legislation and to slowly erode our civil liberties – a freedom lost is never regained; there are always unintended consequences to legislation but there appear to be no efforts to deal with those consequences but only compound them but never to the advantage of the individual and always to the advantage of the ‘state’.

This creeping abuse of powers has been going on for a lot longer than people realise and most fail to comprehend the extent to which their rights and safeguards under law are being systematically removed – this is nothing short of tyranny.


Government denies justice to those who can’t pay

No one likes ambulance chasing lawyers – in fact, it’s doubtful whether many people have a good word for an industry that benefits from other peoples misery but these plans make it even more difficult for those without money to have any equality under law which is, of course, contrary to the Human Rights Act.

Our maritime law justice system flaunts the common law system that was originally set up to protect the ‘people’ – those laws still exist but the courts pretend they don’t and call your sanity into question if you raise common law in their courts.  It is doubtful that judges confirm their oath on a daily basis as they are bound to do and abandon ship when challenged.

The so-called justice system depends on peoples ignorance to rail-road them into compliance; the previous Labour regime enacted thousands of new laws to further bury common law under an avalanche of statutes that even the Law Society could not keep pace with.

These new plans seek to further deny individuals access to justice and with the government seeking to do away with the human rights legislation (as controversial as it may be) the inevitable consequence is that the people of this country will find themselves falling foul of the law and having no way in which to protect themselves or to argue their case.

Kenneth Clarke, the so-called ‘justice’ minister has announced cuts that will further deny people of this country from ever proving their innocence in an effort to save money yet government departments such as the DWP have access to the entire public purse in pursuit of any allegations they make – so they can spend your money to criminalise you but you can’t defend yourself in the same way – clever.

Ambulance chasing lawyers may be an unsavoury breed but at least they provide a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.

THIS is justice? THIS is democracy?

Elderly dry up and blow away while fat-cats are anchored by the public purse

The blight in government apparently knows no limits.

MPs are sucking the public purse dry with their £2million a month expenses bonanza because they seem incapable of making a move without a payment of some kind from the tax-payer to compensate them (over and above their salary of course) where even a KitKat is too much for them to pay for.

All the while, residents in over 1,800 care homes for the elderly and disabled around the country are being left in conditions which Neil Duncan-Jordan from The National Pensioners Convention says “a dog would not be left in”.

Is it so much to ask that our elderly and disabled get the same treatment that the MPs expect for themselves?  Be treated with some dignity and concern?  But no, they are a burden on society, they are parasites in the eyes of the government and must be brushed aside while the more important matters such as where the next summit meeting on poverty and hunger will be held or if in Europe, the time of the next spa treatment.

Apparently it is and while MPs line their pockets, clean their moats, have mock Tutor frontages on their houses – all essential to their job of course – at the tax-payers expense, elderly people are wasting away for the lack of a drink of water or being poisoned by incorrectly administered medication.

This country is a haven for criminals and the majority of them can be found under one roof in Westminster.  This is a sick country and it’s at the point where the only way to save the patient is amputation.

Brown and Balls, a conspiracy to defraud £90billion from the public purse

The Cabinet was presented with a document in January 2006 which asked the question: “We’ve spent all this money, but what have we got for it?”  This is the same question the public has been asking for many years.

Like children in a sweet shop both Gormless Clown and Ed Bolloxed ignored the warnings that “ineffective spending” must be “closed down” and rather than admit that his own incompetence Brown embarked on a £90billion spending spree that left the country with a record deficit.

So focused was he on his quest for self aggrandisement that he not only ignored prudent financial advice but flew in the face of common sense and increased spending when he became Prime Minister.  His ambitions and Marxist training obviously got the better of him and like the megalomaniac he is, he sought only to build his power base at the expense and suffering of the tax-payers of this country.

With Common Purpose and New World Order fixed firmly in his agenda, he set out to pass so many new laws through parliament to change the lives of the tax-payer, to criminalise them to distraction so they couldn’t see what was happening in front of their noses.

Let’s not forget the PFI ‘off the books’ spending too which amounted to hundreds of billions of pounds.  The inner city academies for example made the organiser rich at the tax payers expense; public money was used to increase private profitability and the expenditure was never properly reported – this is nothing short of fraud on a grand scale.

Politicians don’t amass substantial private fortunes from thin air – they rake their money together over time from the public purse; Blair is a good example, he entered public office with modest means yet left it a multi-millionaire – how?

We’re all well aware that nothing changes over time and that the fraudsters then are no different to the fraudsters now which leaves a couple of questions:

How long will the British people put up with this type of politics?
How long before Lawful Rebellion becomes a real option?
How long before Lawful Rebellion becomes the ONLY option?

The Proceeds of Crime Act is one of the tools available to government departments in their pursuit of allegations of fraud and even though it was designed for drug cartels and the like, it is being used against disabled and elderly people all the time – it’s about time this draconian legislation is used against politicians to recoup the money they steal from the public purse and return it to the tax-payer.

While our elderly, disabled and disadvantaged are being left to die or demonised at the hands of our government; these ‘public servants’ increase their own wealth but not their value.

Thieving whitehall civil servants want to keep cookie jar closed

Senior civil servants who are responsible for the unlawful spending of vast sums of public money on luxury items via the public-purse funded ‘procurement’ cards (or credit cards to you and us) are fighting tooth-and-nail to keep their dirty secrets away from public scrutiny.

This begs that age old question – what do they have to hide?  We’ve already seen £millions spent on things that no government department can justify – including thousands of pounds in Soho ‘private members’ clubs.  These so-called mandarins know that money has been spent inappropriately and that they will have to account for that spending when it reaches an outraged public.

We are very keen to see how departments like the DWP have spent our money – we already know that money has been spent on £561.25 for fast food; £10,542.55 at ‘gift, card and novelty shops’; £1,045.74 at ‘home supply warehouse stores’; £524.40 at ‘record shops and a whopping £68,162.00 at catalogue and retail shops (Argos); £544.85 for ‘family clothing’ with a further £77,732.74 for books, newspapers and periodicals.

When young mothers are taking their babies in their arms and jumping from buildings ending both their lives because they have been pushed to despair and desperation by the DWP benefits witch-hunt while thieving civil servants at the DWP are spending hundreds of pounds at the local McDonald’s, who can expect anything but contempt for these people – where is the justice; where is the equality?

These ‘civil servants’ have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and are crying because they have to account for their theft and greed; they are following hot on the heels of MPs, council officials and even the so-called expenses watchdog – there is nothing right about this situation yet we’re expected to put up with it.  Lawful Rebellion is certainly on our agenda as wave after wave of corruption and deceit come to light while the rest of our poor sheep are expected to cut back.


Discounted justice for guilty pleas

Cameron reckons that he ‘understands public concerns on crime’ – does he?

There are two sides to the justice coin; on one side, people are concerned about the increase in crime but on the other there is a huge amount of concern about the decrease in justice.  We’re not talking about criminals being brought to justice for crimes that are proven – we’re talking about the assumption of guilt over innocence and the removal of fundamental rights that serve only to create criminals; justice has become a matter of ‘procedure’ and it’s not serving us well.

Insane and ill-conceived Acts are being allowed through parliament without any serious debate or proper consideration.  These so-called laws, while being completely contrary to Common Law and Human Rights tend to remove your ability to defend yourself from spurious accusations that because they follow ‘procedure’ are themselves classed as ‘evidence’ even though no real evidence exists – we’re back to the ‘being arrested for resisting arrest’ scenario.

When the ConDem’s got into power, old Nick Clegg was straight onto the ‘Your Freedoms’ bandwagon with a pretend website asking Joe public what laws they felt needed to be repealed or at least looked into.  There was a huge response against things like the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 which is one of Common Purpose and New World Order’s major tools; it negates all rational thinking and makes a criminal of any accused of any crime, even those for which POCA was not made – it’s a constitutional nightmare.

So what happened to this suggestion?  Nothing happened – we’re all aware of the weak, wishy-washy changes that have been made to ‘protect’ us and give us back our freedoms – what a waste of time.


Civil servant credit card spending is out of control at £25million

The DWP likes to think of itself as above the law and their civil servants are amongst the most inefficient and deficient of all public sector workers.

In 2008 such spending was around £6.6million, in 2009 it had risen to £7.95million and in 2010-2011 it has increased to a staggering £25,934,398.37 of which £4,405,639.20 was spent by the DWP on things like:

  • Shopping – £241,488.62
  • Restaurants – £11,053.29
  • Stationery – £623,071.26
  • Hospitality – £81,108.89
  • Maintenance – £86,453.94
  • Equipment – £824,403.24
  • Consultants – £164,228.53

Remember this is CREDIT CARD spending over and above the departmental £billions and any contracts they might have in place; it’s certainly unusual to spend so much money on maintenance and consultants on such an ad-hoc basis and if you look a little more closely you’ll see items such as £561.25 for fast food; £10,542.55 at ‘gift, card and novelty shops’; £1,045.74 at ‘home supply warehouse stores’; £524.40 at ‘record shops and a whopping £68,162.00 at catalogue and retail shops (Argos); £544.85 for ‘family clothing’ with a further £77,732.74 for books, newspapers and periodicals.

Government jobs are so stressful it seems that officials across 18 of its departments have treated themselves to relaxing breaks in the country at luxurious and opulent resorts and have taken Apple iPads and snowmobiles along with them – all purchased from your hard earned money.

Of the £3million spent on travel, half of that was on luxury five-star hotels in Mexico, Indonesia and Dubai; £60,000 at private member clubs in Soho and more than £2million on away days, theme parks and residential training at luxury retreats in Britain.  Shopping at Harrods, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer accounts for around £500,000; £4million on ‘office supplies’ and another £3.6million on ‘stationary’ – you can bet your DLA that these figures include more desirable items such as iPads and such.

There are 140,000 tax-payer credit cards in circulation and they are being used to spend £1billion of our money every year – it’s not right; children are going hungry and family homes are under threat while these thieves spend hand-over-fist the money that it supposed to support the country.