We’ve bin debating the issue of waste management

Town Halls are not going for the cash incentives offered by Eric Pickles to increase refuse collection back to weekly like it always used to be.  The fact that the government could find £100 million to plough back to feckless councils for a job for which they are already getting paid is another matter.

It’s now become an issue of whether you ‘really’ need to have your rubbish collected every week (see the silly Telegraph poll here).  The issue is really about whether it is right for council tax to be diverted to final salary pensions – which is illegal but happens all the time; and whether services suffer because of a lack of funding as a result.

Services are suffering due to cut-backs; budgets for community projects are being reduced or ceased completely but mad senior council officials are spending £millions of tax-payers money on luxury items for themselves to boost their so-called ego and their despotic empires – and they’re getting away with it.

Recycling is a sensible thing but the penalties applied to the tax-payer for having too much rubbish is madness.  We don’t create the wrapping and packaging – the stores do – but we’re now made responsible for its disposal and councils want to tax us even higher to take this rubbish to the local dump which leads to fly-tipping and a deterioration in our communities.

Why don’t they penalise the supermarkets?  Power and money – supermarkets pay a lot of money for special consideration by councils and they wield a lot of power one way or another; they also have enough money that they can hire teams of lawyers to defend them if councils should point the finger of responsibility in their direction – tax-payers are easier targets.

So we’re left with corrupt councils illegally creaming tax-payers money across to pensions; a reduction in services to those least able to speak for themselves; the threat of further taxation to dispose of packaging and waste generated by supermarkets; micro-chipped wheelie bins to catch nasty residents who put too much rubbish in their bins; increased costs to pick up after fly tippers and a whole bunch of unhappy tax-payers who whine but do nothing.

Maybe we should all be taking excess packaging back to the supermarkets and leave it for them to deal with – they caused the problem, they should clean it up and maybe they’ll get the point and reduce packaging.  It reduces the burden on the tax-payer and we’re under enough stress these days as it is.

Oh and let’s petition our councils to find out how much money is being spent on pensions and remind them that it is ILLEGAL to use council tax money for this purpose.


Elderly dry up and blow away while fat-cats are anchored by the public purse

The blight in government apparently knows no limits.

MPs are sucking the public purse dry with their £2million a month expenses bonanza because they seem incapable of making a move without a payment of some kind from the tax-payer to compensate them (over and above their salary of course) where even a KitKat is too much for them to pay for.

All the while, residents in over 1,800 care homes for the elderly and disabled around the country are being left in conditions which Neil Duncan-Jordan from The National Pensioners Convention says “a dog would not be left in”.

Is it so much to ask that our elderly and disabled get the same treatment that the MPs expect for themselves?  Be treated with some dignity and concern?  But no, they are a burden on society, they are parasites in the eyes of the government and must be brushed aside while the more important matters such as where the next summit meeting on poverty and hunger will be held or if in Europe, the time of the next spa treatment.

Apparently it is and while MPs line their pockets, clean their moats, have mock Tutor frontages on their houses – all essential to their job of course – at the tax-payers expense, elderly people are wasting away for the lack of a drink of water or being poisoned by incorrectly administered medication.

This country is a haven for criminals and the majority of them can be found under one roof in Westminster.  This is a sick country and it’s at the point where the only way to save the patient is amputation.

Brown and Balls, a conspiracy to defraud £90billion from the public purse

The Cabinet was presented with a document in January 2006 which asked the question: “We’ve spent all this money, but what have we got for it?”  This is the same question the public has been asking for many years.

Like children in a sweet shop both Gormless Clown and Ed Bolloxed ignored the warnings that “ineffective spending” must be “closed down” and rather than admit that his own incompetence Brown embarked on a £90billion spending spree that left the country with a record deficit.

So focused was he on his quest for self aggrandisement that he not only ignored prudent financial advice but flew in the face of common sense and increased spending when he became Prime Minister.  His ambitions and Marxist training obviously got the better of him and like the megalomaniac he is, he sought only to build his power base at the expense and suffering of the tax-payers of this country.

With Common Purpose and New World Order fixed firmly in his agenda, he set out to pass so many new laws through parliament to change the lives of the tax-payer, to criminalise them to distraction so they couldn’t see what was happening in front of their noses.

Let’s not forget the PFI ‘off the books’ spending too which amounted to hundreds of billions of pounds.  The inner city academies for example made the organiser rich at the tax payers expense; public money was used to increase private profitability and the expenditure was never properly reported – this is nothing short of fraud on a grand scale.

Politicians don’t amass substantial private fortunes from thin air – they rake their money together over time from the public purse; Blair is a good example, he entered public office with modest means yet left it a multi-millionaire – how?

We’re all well aware that nothing changes over time and that the fraudsters then are no different to the fraudsters now which leaves a couple of questions:

How long will the British people put up with this type of politics?
How long before Lawful Rebellion becomes a real option?
How long before Lawful Rebellion becomes the ONLY option?

The Proceeds of Crime Act is one of the tools available to government departments in their pursuit of allegations of fraud and even though it was designed for drug cartels and the like, it is being used against disabled and elderly people all the time – it’s about time this draconian legislation is used against politicians to recoup the money they steal from the public purse and return it to the tax-payer.

While our elderly, disabled and disadvantaged are being left to die or demonised at the hands of our government; these ‘public servants’ increase their own wealth but not their value.

You’ve got to admire government ‘spin’

Those clever buggers in the government have got to be admired for something and we’ve decided that it is ‘spin’ that gets the Admiration Award.  How else could the likes of this:

 champagne guzzlers and 8-figure bonus boys contributed to the loss of billions of pounds, yet the likes of:

 this old lady gets to pay for the bail-out; and the likes of:

 this lives a life of luxury on council tax while:

 he battles to access services in the community and the likes of:

 this decides the fate of millions of people, while the likes of:

 this man faces an uncertain future.

Spin puts a halo above the heads of the thieves and liars while putting a pitch-fork into the hands of the most vulnerable in our society – you’ve got to admit …. that’s clever!

DWP, Grayling and Duncan-Smith – not fit for purpose

It is reported in The Telegraph that Chris Grayling, minister for employment, suggests that up to 800,000 people will be assessed as ‘fit for work’.  What this is saying is that ATOS, the French IT company who recently won an extension to their contract with the DWP and were awarded another £300million over the next three years have been given a target of ousting ‘a significant number’ of people off Incapacity Benefit.

Mr Grayling’s ill-informed suggestions aside, perhaps as Employment Minister he’d like to direct the nation to his set of policies on job creation because there seems to be a distinct lack of them in the marketplace.

Many people have been channelled onto Incapacity Benefits by the government (it doesn’t matter which colour) as a means of massaging the unemployment figures into a downward trend to support other policies at the time.

We now have a government that is trying to blame those on IB for being there and suggesting that they are at fault when they were put there by the DWP of the time.

Yes, it’s right that everyone should have access to a job; to feel the pride of supporting ones family, of having a purpose in life but to suggest that the pool of available jobs around the country can be filled by those coming off Incapacity Benefit is simply spin of the most inane order.

Yes, Mr Average in Brixton would love to get the salary that goes with the job in Brighton but he doesn’t necessarily have the skills and won’t be selected for interview because he’s outside the area and even though Duncan-Smith feels that they can ride the bus to the next town it is entirely possible that the umpteen hundred other applicants will be closer.

ATOS is being paid £300million to purge the benefits system of people who have been marginalised and socially stigmatised for many years, some to the point where they know no other life other than being on benefits – it’s not right but it’s not necessarily their fault.

Whether Mr Grayling wants to admit it or not when he says “The goal of a reassessment is to provide specialist support to those   who have the potential to return to work. There is no financial target.   There is no goal to achieve.” he is quite simply lying through his back teeth.  There are hidden agendas; there are financial targets and motivations for ATOS and there is a goal of ousting as many people from the benefit as possible – regardless of ability.

There should be job opportunities for anyone who is fit for work or even those who want to overcome their disabilities and find a job anyway but there simply are no jobs of sufficient scope and magnitude to satisfy the need; not everyone has an aptitude for clerical, office or IT work; not everyone has an aptitude to work outside or to work with their hands but there are no opportunities for anyone to find out what their aptitudes are and this is the fundamental problem.

While small business owners are being red-taped into oblivion the government is content to see up to 73% of the working population in certain areas working for or on behalf of local or central government.  There is no need for creativity in government, only the ability to push paper and abdicate responsibility, clock up as much TOIL as possible, go home early, avoid controversy, retire on a pension paid by others and die.

When the DWP use terrorist laws to close down companies that create jobs for disabled people that in turn serve the community while themselves running monstrosities such as Remploy which lose £2.2million a week and put disabled people out of work while paying their executives £million’s in bonuses despite ‘requests’ from Duncan-Smith to reduce those bonuses, we are left wondering what exactly is the purpose of the DWP, Iain Duncan-Smith and Chris Grayling?

Where are the job making plans Mr Grayling?  Where is the support for the small business to provide jobs at a local level for individuals?  Where are the opportunities for manual workers, training for apprentices, development of skills being lost through a lack of training; who will build tomorrows world – robots?

The DWP can run their own witch-hunt, Mr Grayling should be concerning himself (as minister for employment) with where the jobs come from – how people will be able to take control of their own lives, that is his role and he doesn’t seem to be doing it very well.


Government defrauds the public purse of £21billion a year

We’ve been reading articles over the past few months that highlight the corruption and greed in the public sector with millions of pounds that should be spent on community and public services being wasted by senior civil servants, MPs and councils outrageously and blatantly on things like ‘private clubs’ in Soho, Tiffany jewellery, Gucci, Harrods and much more.

Francis Maude, the architect of a report published today in The Telegraph quotes statistics to support his findings, some of which conflict with previous reports in the press.  He says that £1billion is lost to benefits fraud by the DWP but it has been extensive reported that benefits fraud supposedly accounts for £3billion of a £5.3billion overall loss and that the corruption and incompetence of the DWP accounts for only £2.3billion therefore.

With these updated figures perhaps we see that internal fraud in the DWP accounts for £4.5billion of lost money.  We’ll be very interested to see how David Cameron and Iain Duncan-Smith tackle this institutional fraud within government – will officers of the DWP have the Proceeds of Crime Act applied to them?  Will MPs find all their assets restrained and left with no way to defend themselves?

We have to view all this with some suspicion however as Mr Maude can be seen to be hi-jacking this ‘report’ in The Telegraph to pat himself on the back by being ‘incredibly heartened’ by the results of his recently set up Counter Fraud Taskforce – we’ll do some sniffing around to see how this organisation focuses its efforts; internally or externally.


Thieving whitehall civil servants want to keep cookie jar closed

Senior civil servants who are responsible for the unlawful spending of vast sums of public money on luxury items via the public-purse funded ‘procurement’ cards (or credit cards to you and us) are fighting tooth-and-nail to keep their dirty secrets away from public scrutiny.

This begs that age old question – what do they have to hide?  We’ve already seen £millions spent on things that no government department can justify – including thousands of pounds in Soho ‘private members’ clubs.  These so-called mandarins know that money has been spent inappropriately and that they will have to account for that spending when it reaches an outraged public.

We are very keen to see how departments like the DWP have spent our money – we already know that money has been spent on £561.25 for fast food; £10,542.55 at ‘gift, card and novelty shops’; £1,045.74 at ‘home supply warehouse stores’; £524.40 at ‘record shops and a whopping £68,162.00 at catalogue and retail shops (Argos); £544.85 for ‘family clothing’ with a further £77,732.74 for books, newspapers and periodicals.

When young mothers are taking their babies in their arms and jumping from buildings ending both their lives because they have been pushed to despair and desperation by the DWP benefits witch-hunt while thieving civil servants at the DWP are spending hundreds of pounds at the local McDonald’s, who can expect anything but contempt for these people – where is the justice; where is the equality?

These ‘civil servants’ have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and are crying because they have to account for their theft and greed; they are following hot on the heels of MPs, council officials and even the so-called expenses watchdog – there is nothing right about this situation yet we’re expected to put up with it.  Lawful Rebellion is certainly on our agenda as wave after wave of corruption and deceit come to light while the rest of our poor sheep are expected to cut back.