BBC – Beeb Bolloxes Chrimbo (and Easter)

Sorry for the headline – we had a Sun moment for a second.

Anyway, as if Christianity in this country is not already under threat.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) who annually demands money with menaces from each and every household regardless of whether they watch or even receive BBC broadcasts or programming have taken it upon themselves to record Easter services at Christmas – to save money.

Pat Younge is apparently Chief Creative Officer for BBC Vision Productions, and earns £310,000 a year from license fee money for the privilege of deciding that Easter came early this year which, according to other reports, may be more to do with social engineering and less with saving money as he claims.

Soon after taking his post with BBC Vision, Mr Younge clearly shows a racist tendency by announcing that TV bosses should face the sack if they “don’t hit ethnic targets” which implies that he does not believe that the best person for the job should be considered for that job – regardless of colour of skin, orientation, gender or age.

Even though the BBC has failed to hit its own targets, we will no doubt be seeing more discrimination from this public funded corporate body as they decide to implement their own brand of social engineering to suit the wishes of an elitist system.  The Lambeth Walk discusses the “Joys of Diversity in the BBC” with a hard hitting analysis of what such control in the hands of BBC executives might mean.

They point out that white employees might feel marginalised by the control exerted by diktats such as those proposed by Pat Younge.

Far be it from us to make personal comments but we think it fair to say that Mr Younge has done quite well from his vast salary and that the good life is very obvious if one compares this publicity shot from July 2009 with the picture above – he has moved very comfortably into his fat-cat role.

Mr Younge, there is enough class, race and social engineering being carried out by the government, we do not need racists such as yourself to muddy the water and create even more barriers between people than there already are.  By emphasising the colour of a persons skin, you are showing your true colours.

If the BBC feel that it is appropriate to save money, then perhaps the likes of Mr Younge should be the first saving – it is completely unacceptable for Christianity to be relegated to an after thought when it is so important to so many people.  The deceive anyone is bad but to deceive the very people paying for your place in life is beyond comprehension.  The BBC would be better off not arranging to televise these services in the first place.

The very spirit of Christmas and Easter is under fire with commercialism taking precedence over humanity – for the BBC to carry out this deception and try to fool people with such an elaborate charade is reprehensible.


HSBC says talk of moving HQ to Hong Kong ‘presumptuous’

Date: 6 March 2011
Author: BBC News

HSBC may not have taken any handouts from the British tax-payer but the speculation about the future location of their banking headquarters is still sour grapes.  While the customers have to foot any bill the banks throw at them in the form of charges for overdrafts and interest, as soon as it is suggested that they should “pay their way”, they get petulent;

However, it went on to say that the issue of rising costs – and a new government-imposed banking levy – was one that concerned its owners, the shareholders.

“We are however, in light of possible regulatory changes and additional costs such as the bank levy, being increasingly asked by shareholders and investors about the likely additional cost of being headquartered in the UK.

“We are very clear that the City of London’s competitive position deserves protection and HSBC will play a full part in this; we are encouraged by the UK government’s recent commitments to do the same.”

The bank has said the levy is unfair to its business, which has substantial overseas operations.

A spokesman from HM Treasury said banks had to pay their way: “While we are determined that the UK remains a world-leading financial centre, banks must pay their fair share of deficit reduction, which is why the government has introduced a permanent bank levy raising £2.5bn a year.”

Charges are never fair but the people have to put up with them so why should banking institutions believe themselves to be above such mediocre requirements?

Freemen are honourable and lawful

Date: 7 March 2011
Source: BBC Liverpool
Title: Intruders have tried to arrest a judge after storming into a courtroom on Merseyside.

The government’s voice – the BBC – reports on intruders storming a courtroom.  The Wirral Globe has another spin on the story that seems a little more informative; UK Police Online has begun a discussion on the matter and news has also reached mainstream press in this report by a “Daily Mail Reporter” dated 8th March 2011.


There are mixed feelings about protests such as this; on the one hand we have to applaud those involved for taking a stand through direct action which we know is fundamentally lawful.  On the other hand, it gives an opportunity for the nay-sayers to report such events as attempts to avoid paying taxes which, of course, this is not.

Freemen are honourable and seek only to deal in honourable fashion, we all agree that we must pay our way in life and that elements of council tax although unlawful are necessary.  This does not mean that we give up our right to ask questions over how that money is spent nor do we give up our right to ensure that our courts are places where true justice can be accessed by all and not just by bully-boy councils whose one intent is to extract the maximum amount of money from our pockets for the smallest possible delivery of services.

BBC Panorama – Reporter smokes out tobacco gangs

BBC One, Monday 7th March 2011; 8.30pm

No one advocates for lawlessness and certainly we all want a society that functions correctly and honourably but there needs to be closer examination and analysis of some of the figures highlighted in tonight’s Panorama.

UK Plc. has allocated £950 million of tax-payers money to recover an estimated £100 million in duty lost to the “illegal tobacco trade”; is this really value for money when so many of our society are living on the bread-line, children are going hungry and every man, woman and child is expected to tighten their belts in order to meet the demands of greedy bankers expecting ten-figure bonuses (that’s a minimum of £10,000,000.00 each) and even greedier MPs who command huge salaries as well as perks and expenses that make the eyes of mere mortals weep.

The worst hokum was from a so-called university professor (UCL no less) citing the figure of 30 times the lead content in the counterfeit tobacco as opposed to “safe” government tobacco – both he and the sensationalist presenter decided that since the “fake” cigarettes contained (we are told) 30 times the lead content of their “safe” counterparts it therefore meant that “each one you smoke (counterfeit) was equivalent to 30 (normal) (taxable) (regulated) (big government money spinning) cigarettes.

This is poor science presented badly, the level of lead may be 30 times greater unfortunately the programme failed to point out that every other value was exactly the same as a regular cigarette; perhaps the biggest difference was the missing treasury income from the taxation thereon.

Revenue from smokers pays for the NHS, so the government sanctions and justifies smoking despite the harm it does simply on the basis of the money it puts into the Treasury – how sick is this system?

Come on Mr Government – let’s be more accurate with our propaganda science and let’s start getting value for money from you in the same way you expect value for money from the population; the £900million would pay for pension increases for the next 10 years; would build 5 new hospitals; 20 new academies to educate our young or pay for nursery care for every child in Britain for a year.

This Panorama programme is just one in a long line of propaganda shows designed specifically to underpin the activities of the government and it’s our TV licence money that pays to investigate and feed this rubbish to us.