Mega mars bar misdirection

Being a simple soul, I’d expect a Mars bar to cost no more than 80p of anyone’s money.  If I’d been told a few years back that this simple confectionery would cost me or the tax payer say £112,800, I’d say “you’re barmy” but it seems that some wag with too much drink in his system stole one of these from a shop and has been sent to HMP Wandsworth for four months.

Now, we’re not saying that theft is right but we have to wonder if the £800 a day bill to the tax payer is proportionate to the actual crime itself?  The legal aid bill, the time of the court, the ushers, the police, the solicitors, the barristers and more will have hiked the overall costs to the public to around £100,000 and the four months will result in a further £12,800 bill making this perhaps the most expensive Mars Bar in history.

Is it proportionate when known terrorists are allowed to walk the street – you decide!


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