GS4 and the face of greed as tens of millions stolen from tax payer

While disabled and vulnerable people are standing trial for accessing grants that created worthwhile jobs for many people and showed up the DWP in the bargain, the bosses of GS4 insist that they should still be paid even though they have failed dismally to ‘deliver the goods’.

Apparently, Nick Buckles (seen here), chief executive of the world’s second largest private sector employer, said he was sorry and “deeply disappointed” after the firm failed to deliver on its £284million Olympics security contract. But he repeatedly insisted the firm still intended to claim its £57million management fee for work over the last two years, even though it cannot provide the guards needed for the Games.

And you know what, the government will pay the £57million from our pockets because they are incompetent bullies and they only pick fights they feel they can win – they won’t go head-to-head with the big boys but rather target disabled people and individuals who are trying to make a real difference.

Compare what’s happening in court 8 at Southwark with this fiasco and decide who is the biggest crook.


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