You’ve gotta SOCA a POCA or two

On the suggestion of Jason (thanks) we’ve made a FOIA request on the website.  The first interesting point is that SOCA is not subject to FOIA and therefore will not process FOIA requests.  Under Regulation 4 of the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR), environmental information relevant to the functions of the Security Services, which does not adversely affect national security can be requested.

Apparently, it is SOCA policy to make non-operational information available on the SOCA website, in the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act. SOCA website have undertaken to take into account suggestions for additions to their website.  You can only request information about the environment from this authority.

Never ones to say never, we’ve made a request anyway which you can follow here.  The text of the request is:

Dear Serious and Organised Crime Agency,


Please provide information on numbers of central government, local government, senior civil servants and others employed by government related departments who have been subjected to POCA.

Please provide information on numbers of Members of Parliament who have had POCA applied to them.

Please provide information on numbers of members of the House of Lords who have had POCA applied to them.

Please provide information on numbers of members of the general population who have had POCA applied to them.

We understand that no information that may affect national security can be requested and believe that the information is demographic in nature and relevant to environmental issues.  No information on specifics are required just simply number of POCA processes enacted against the above cross section of the

Yours faithfully,

Diogenese Associates

We’ll keep you posted.


5 thoughts on “You’ve gotta SOCA a POCA or two

  1. Hiya. Hope you guys are winning or at least getting a favourable half-time scoreline in your ongoing battle aghainst the cruel bureaucratic system

  2. Sounds like a Government who doesn’t wish to me accountable, exception from FOIA interesting! How can that be the case the information would surely be in the public Domain public prosecution and all? I don’t think statistic are national security!
    How about trying HMRC one of the most powerful prosecuting bodies in the land outside the police of course!
    Amazing is it a question of ask no question and get no lies???

    We done for giving it a go with SOCA Diogenese! Try HMRC I don’t think they have exemption!

    Can’t wait for the response if we get one!

  3. This is not the sort of information they would want to publish because they know it would cause a revolution if people discovered (for sure) that POCA is only being applied to the ‘little people’ and not to those in power.

    MPs and Lords may be taken to court but they retain their lives and property and in most cases retain their job – it’s the sort of inequity that will give rise to a great deal of unrest.

    We’ll make a FOIA request to HMRC and the DWP as well, just for good measure.

  4. Well done

    Hope your right all we need is a little chink of light to break this one! Remember the expenses scandal breaking!
    Can’t wait for the next response! That assume the civil service ever go back to work, without the pension the rest of us could never afford!

  5. It’s not going to be that simple of course – the country has been dumbed down; the BBC and media tell only what the government want you to hear and everyone is too busy surviving to see what is happening under their noses.

    It’s not so much that apathy rules but rather people are being prevented from seeing things as they are; the rights we’ve lost in recent years are tremendous but because it’s been done one bite at a time, no one notices and thinks everything is hunky dory – which of course, it is not.

    The expenses scandal was certainly a revelation but many months on, who really thinks about it any more? People are fighting to get on with their lives; they don’t have the capacity to keep track of everything around them, which is exactly as the government wants it.

    We must all do what we can to show what’s happening; speak out against injustice and corruption and expose things to scrutiny.

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