MPs should work for less than minimum wage – oh no, it’s the disabled who are a drain on this country isn’t it?

As advocates for disabled people and having provided support, guidance and advice to disabled people looking for work and for employers who want to consider employing disabled people we are fully aware of the realities of disabled people in the workplace and find that Mr Davies’ comments are not only wrong (on so many levels) but utterly and completely evil.

He has shown us a clear and unequivocal example of ‘institutional discrimination’ as anyone could wish for.  Not only is he uninformed, he is insulting beyond belief – he should not apologise, he should resign and head for the darkest corner he can find and thank God that he doesn’t have to himself endure the kind of life many disabled people face every day of their lives – a prison sentence that has no parole and where the light at the end of the tunnel is death.

A wrong but honest reply in The Mail only goes to show how ill informed employers are; the long term disabled are far more reliable because they actually know what their barriers are and have spent a lot of time adjusting and managing them the result of which is greater reliability rather than less.  We could give an endless list of examples such as how PP, a blind person has replaced two ‘able’ bodied people on a switchboard and retains phone numbers, doesn’t need a directory, has perfect voice recognition and so makes his employer seem able to offer a personalised service to all his customers.

Many disabled people have been failed by institutional discrimination from education onwards but it only takes finding (or making) the right opportunity for them to be able to shine – often brighter than their ‘able’ counterparts.

There are suggestions of a “trial run” for disabled people which seems, on the face of it, sensible but consider how discriminatory it really is; are ‘able’ people required to work without pay to prove themselves, of course not – there is a probationary period during which people prove they can do the job.

Institutional discrimination is rife in this country and even those who feel they ‘understand’ the needs of the disabled often do not – the problem we face now is that the previous and current governments have set up to demonise the disabled of this country and present them as scrounging, whining lazy and complacent layabouts which cannot be further from the truth.

Government spin prevails and the most vulnerable suffer as a result; when has it every been acceptable to prey on those who face barriers in every day life that would exhaust most ‘able’ people after a week of effort?



4 thoughts on “MPs should work for less than minimum wage – oh no, it’s the disabled who are a drain on this country isn’t it?

  1. ‘…the long term disabled are far more reliable…’ – yes we are; unfortunately many of us aren’t getting the jobs in the first place. Mr. Davies’ suggestion might just well work .

  2. Lee, while you’re entitled to your personal view and perhaps Mr Davies’ suggestion might work for you but in our experience it would work for very few others. We wouldn’t condone anyone devaluing themselves when their assessment is based on discrimination rather than ability.

    We cannot allow two sets of rules to apply to different groups of the population; it wouldn’t be acceptable to assess someone this way on gender or skin colour, why should it be acceptable to pre-judge someone due to a medical problem or a disability? How long would be it before two sets of rules become three, three becomes four and before you know it there are more subdivisions than you can shake a stick at.

    Thanks for your comment and we have a bathroom that needs re-tiling if you’re free for a month 😉

  3. I have Asperger syndrome and find it very difficult to get employment. I know I could do a little office job with few responsibilities, as I was employed for 15 years in such a job before the boss died and the firm went bust. These days, jobs like that are few and far between and it’s been more than 2 years since I worked. I would happily take a job that was below the minimum wage in return for lower expectations of my abilities

    • Thanks for your comment Daniel; it’s a sad reflection that you have to devalue yourself when clearly your work ethics are right. Another sad thing is that there are so few opportunities out there for you. Organisations that offer support in this area are also few and far between and we are aware of one such organisation that was closed down by the DWP despite the successes they had with individuals such as yourself dealing with Asperger syndrome. More work needs to be done to ensure that proper support is provided to small employers who have the flexibility to offer jobs with, as you say “lower expectations”. Good luck with your job search and don’t lose hope.

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