YOUR freedoms – yeah right!

Nick Clegg, the deputy PM created his website called “Your Freedoms” and called for the people to suggest which laws should be looked at or repealed.  When the website closed down, the suggestions made there were thrown away and despite writing to his office to find out what was happening to the suggestions, there was no definitive answer.

The ConDems made much of the thousands of new laws that Labour enacted while in power; the thousands of new ways that money could be generated through the courts to swell the coffers of the government.

No laws have been repealed, no action taken so there are thousands of people turning to legal aid assistance to fight frivolous cased in courts and so the bill goes up.

Repeal some laws, restore some balance and the legal aid bill will go down as a result; do we really need money spent by councils on bin inspectors and do we really need to burden the courts with frivolous litigation to fine old Mrs Jones for putting a baked bean tin in her waste bin?

The burdens are imposed by the government and local councils, they should be the ones to sort out the problem, reduce the number of laws that have painted the people of this country into an ever smaller corner to the point that you can’t take a breath without fracturing some law, statute or governance.


4 thoughts on “YOUR freedoms – yeah right!

  1. I personally wrote on the your freedom website, and as the diogense states nothing happened.
    But let look at this sensibly what government is going to say one thing then change its mind when it works out that it can subsidise it services by bankrupting people. Maybe the proceeds of Crime act should be renamed the proceeds of pillage act, and we could see David Blunkett dressed as the sheriff of Nottingham ala Alan Rickman very apt for a man caught with his pant down. I wonder Why no MP’s or Lords convicted of fraud have not been pillaged like the little people. It is because they don’t have friends in high place’s is it! Take a look at a website called HMRC is Shite, this site show comments made by an officer where a certain Government minister intervened to prevent a certain Lord being investigates by stopping HMRC. Given this level of corruption is it not know time for Lawful rebellion perhaps? But how do you rebel when the press is governed by the very people you are rebelling against! Nothing Like democracyn then again this is nothing Like a democracy!

  2. Jason, thanks for the follow up – like us, you seem to have had some exposure to this insane legislation. POCA is perhaps the most devious of all the legislation enacted in recent years and there are even very few in the legal profession who understand it.

    The issue of why those in power do not have POCA applied to them is perhaps the crux of the matter and perhaps we should gather as much information and start a petition to give voice to this inhuman and unlawful legislation. Certainly democracy is under threat as never before and with the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act being the only thing standing between us and the corruption of the government, Lawful Rebellion does indeed seem like the only option.

    How does one begin to rally the country behind a cause like this? This is perhaps the next step in the evolution of the nation waking up.

  3. I tend to agree about POCA maybe a good start would be to ask the HMRC and SOCA the following questions under the freedom of information act.

    1. How many HMRC employees have been investigated for any tax offences, irregularity and subjected to POCA since 2002.

    2 how many member of parliament have been investigated in the same vain.

    3 how many member of the house of Lords have been investigated in the same Vain.

    4 how many member of the general public?

    To SOCA how many MP/Lords/Government employees have been subjected to action under POCA 2OO2 legislation. And how many normal member of the public have been subjected to it.

    I think the answer will be highly illuminating, and certain to make good press, very hard to suppress. Especially if as I suspect it is less than a handful. Maybe be proving an abuse of the system?

    What do you think, where do we go from here?

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