Jobcentreplus leaked memo puts lives at risk

The Guardian reports on a “six-point plan” being distributed to DWP workers dealing with job seeker’s who
claim to be suicidal. Here it is in all its glory:

  1. As most job seekers are liars and cheats many threats of suicide are likely to be bogus. It is important to establish the genuine suicide cases from those who are attempting to skive workfare provision. Job seekers should be asked which methods of suicide they have considered, or whether they have taken opportunity of the countless suicide website’s to research their opinion and network with other suicidal individuals. Have they found a suicide buddy yet?  Fifteen minutes access on the Job Search computer may be allocated to job seekers to research suicide websites as well as the effective fatal administration of prescribed medication, self-gassing, hanging, slit wrists and stabbing themselves in the heart. It is vital that job seekers are empowered to make choices about options themselves, with the encouragement and continued support of the DWP.
  2. Once satisfied that a job seeker’s claim of feeling suicidal is genuine then it is important vulnerable claimants feel motivated and empowered in this decision. Explain to claimants that suicide may well be an appropriate outcome for some people and that they should not feel stigmatised or discouraged by friends and family. Many job seekers who have committed suicide in the past have been completely successful outcomes for the DWP, with none seeking further benefits or training support. Whilst we remain committed to finding people employment at Jobcentre Plus we fully recognise, and will co-operate with, the more complex needs of some of our target group. No-one is to be discriminated against for committing suicide.
  3. We recognise and understand that for many long term job seekers suicide can seem challenging and
    daunting. Encourage claimants to take small steps. Suicide statistics reveal that suicide attempts, far from being selfish, are in fact a ‘call for help’ with many going on to kill themselves properly in later attempts. DO NOT DE-MOTIVATE CLIENTS WHO ATTEMPT SUICIDE AND FAIL! Remind them gently there’s always a next time and discuss more effective methods of self-administering fatal injury.
  4. It is not uncommon for job seekers to become anxious or agitated in the lead up to their suicide. Whilst distressing for client advisors, who may well have worked hard towards this outcome, these doubts can be overcome. Explain to the job seeker that they are worthless and their lives are not worth living.  Referring to them as chav scum, parasites; useless eaters is perfectly acceptable in this case. Re-enforce any negative or self-destructive behaviour whilst cautioning against statements of self-worth, dignity or confidence. The DWP is investing heavily in encouraged suicide, in return we expect suicidal job seekers to ‘do their bit’ as well. It is entirely appropriate to discuss the possibility of benefit sanctions if the client appears to be ‘bottling out’.
  5. Whilst all methods of suicide are to be viewed as ‘positive outcomes’ it is important to distinguish responsible suicide from irresponsible and anti-social behaviour. Throwing yourself from a bridge or under a train, whilst it has a positive impact on unemployment figures, may put pressure on other Government agencies. A quiet suicide, in the job seeker’s own home, is to be encouraged.  If the client is homeless then jumping in the Thames on a cold Winter’s night may be a seen as a reasonable and environmentally responsible approach.
  6. Workfare providers A4e will be rolling out the Work Programme Suicidal Clients Option soon. Job seeker’s will spend thirty hours a week at A4e’s offices being told they are shit and worthless. It is anticipated that this will dovetail with A4e’s current job search provision, meaning both mainstream and suicidal clients can be told they are shit and worthless together. This will not only minimise
    costs, but will allow clients previously considered ‘job ready’ to consider whether more appropriate action may be taken towards a successful outcome for the DWP.

The above is courtesy of and while it all sounds a little far fetched, in reality this is exactly what happens – the DWP and JCP continue their witch-hunt against the most vulnerable while themselves guilty of corruption and fraud on a grand scale.


One thought on “Jobcentreplus leaked memo puts lives at risk

  1. E.G.;- Johnny London, (Name of Friend whose undergoing ATOS/DWP agony),
    Whatever Street, (name and number), + rest of address.

    cc;- Enclose copy for the person’s MP.
    cc;- Your own MP’s attention (if different from the above)
    cc;- Any campaigning group you may be affiliated to.


    As most of you will know by now that dwp and Atos are mainly scrounging their salaries from the Public Purse in the pretense of “administering benefits” (cough and clear throat), and “only catching out the benefit fraudsters” (like they ever do that anyway?), and ofcourse “finding worthwhile jobs for the long-term unemployed”, (which you are unlikely to find), I think we can safely assume that most of their shining veneer is indeed a fake and would fetch nothing at auction. Much more disturbing however, is the evil plan to actively encourage suicide for THEIR perceived “worthlessness” of the poor individuals who are unable to fulfil their onerous “criteria” to enable people to get the benefits to which they’re entitled that goes hand-in-hand with the dignity for human beings and the honourable intentions – devised by Mr. Bevin in order to keep them out of poverty! No decent civilization on record would ever condone such evil actions, so nor should WE – THE GREAT PEOPLE OF GREAT BRITAIN!!

    (a) It’s worthwhile taking the time to inform your JSA or other DWP advisor that although you might be depressed, (through a dearth of decent jobs worth taking out there, that pay liveable wages), or perhaps more likely – the possibility that you’re being actively denied any kind of benefit which reflects your needs – created by the problems not of your doing or choosing – please point out that on NO account will you ever commit suicide and that you KNOW you are of more importance than to ever consider this an option! Also helpfully point out that you wouldn’t be needing their “services of non-discrimination against those comtemplating suicide – thankyou” as you have no need for this, but would respectfully request that YOU receive no discrimination either for choosing to stay alive and stake your claim! And you will be making sure vigilantly, that this doesn’t happen! Also point out that when you were working/fit/able/younger/pre-motherhood etc., that you did PAY YOUR TAXES and great chunks were deducted from your pay-packet to ensure that safety nets were there for such an occasion. You might also like to remind them, if they give you any grief on this issue or start asking any pesky questions putting you under the spotlight, that your parents/spouse/friend/adult child/ren are STILL paying their taxes now to the Inland Revenue and also their N.I. Stamp, as you were able to do once. If they have no more money to help support you now, well why not? and where has this money gone? And what have they done with it? It is your right to know and to ask questions! If you bought
    a washing-machine from Argos, then it must be fit for purpose and if it wasn’t you would ask for your money back.
    They would either replace the faulty machine or refund you completely. Now if Argos can do this, and they are running a legit business, then why can’t your organisation? Provide the same level of accountability.

    (b) Remind them gently that they have a duty to support those in their decisions to stay alive and that you are a genuine person (sovereign in your own right), priceless and without a price on your head. You are therefore not going to roll over and just become another tragic statistic like the sad case of Christell Pardo and her lovely young son! (Whom the dwp drove to suicide by cutting off their benefits and cruelly withdrawing the help from them in 2009)!
    It’s our countries’ loss because that young lady was studying at College and could have made a contribution to society later on. Whilst it is Heaven’s gain that it has 2 more angels, it was indeed a sad loss for this girl’s family, and another loss for humanity and blow for human rights! Perhaps if civil servants (note – the absence of the words ‘civil dictators’ here) were to forego some of the luxuries which they “treat” themselves to from the Public Purse, perhaps they might be able to afford a decent memorial plaque to Christell and her baby?, lest it never happens again!

    (c) Inform them in small steps at different interviews that you are helping to get these awful suicide (genocide) buddying schemes driven off the internet and that you are starting by reporting the ones you are researching now in your spare time to find, to all the relevant authorities! Thank them and their think-tanks for bringing this to our attention and declare that you’re making it your mission to align yourself with other fair-minded people and groups who find this suicide notion as untenable and outrageous as you do, and that’s why this rationale’ must be removed as an “option”. If they get arsey with you after that, then please just ask “who, and what’s the name of the one behind this ‘support-for-the-suicidal’, you might like to send them your best wishes, as Christmas is never far away, and neither would be their birthday. And you’re not going to be de-motivated from your human rights by government rhetoric etc.! And you will be following up any reports you make regarding these nauseating “top yourself” sites in the future, which will also have the added benefit of showing up which MP’s, Trading Standards and other law enforcement agencies of what areas, are worth their salt because they will respond in the proper manner whilst those who cannot be arsed won’t, (and are more likely to be complicit in this conspiracy to drive down numbers). Their names and positions are available for Public viewing, and afterall – there’s always another day.

    (d) If they dare ever refer to you in any unfavourable terms whatsoever, then remind them firmly that this is still politically incorrect, and that you will report them for doing so! (Don’t forget peeps, that your local newspapers can report such malconduct), as – unlike the large well-known nationals, they struggle to survive like you or I, and they haven’t sold their souls out to the likes of the Bilderbergers, and other unsavoury controllers from behind the scenes! Any threats of benefit withdrawals based on your non-compliance over suicide matters must be dealt with heavily, and reported to a good solicitor, possibly to be tried at the Court for Human Rights at a later date. The possibilities are vast! So is the scope for press-coverage and naming and shaming those excuses that pass themselves off as people who are responsible! Also it may come out in the wash which of these individuals are students of the dreaded Common Purpose, (set up as an aleged “charity” to train public servants/local government employees).

    (e) If they are tempted to present suicide as a “favourable option” for you, due to their unwillingness to do their jobs and pay you the benefits which you deserved all along, and also if they try to “suggest” ways in which to go about this for yourself, (ensuring ofcourse you might like to do this via the “environmentally friendly” route), then you can inform them of the following;- That you are certainly NOT some worthless piece of crap to be treated in such a manner and you can take down their name, rank and number etc., and make official complaints – left, right and centre! And furthermore, you will not tolerate such attacks on your person through their dodgy Psy. Ops. vendettas against the general public! And indeed, they’re to take that back to their leaders and string-pullers telling them in no uncertain terms from you just where they can stick it! That they might also like to consider cutting back themselves on luxury items that are not needed in their offices and do nothing to serve the Public with their claims for essentials! Any non-compliance on this issue or uncalled for comments are worth noting, writing down and posting – EVERWHERE!

    Good Luck.

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