We’ve bin debating the issue of waste management

Town Halls are not going for the cash incentives offered by Eric Pickles to increase refuse collection back to weekly like it always used to be.  The fact that the government could find £100 million to plough back to feckless councils for a job for which they are already getting paid is another matter.

It’s now become an issue of whether you ‘really’ need to have your rubbish collected every week (see the silly Telegraph poll here).  The issue is really about whether it is right for council tax to be diverted to final salary pensions – which is illegal but happens all the time; and whether services suffer because of a lack of funding as a result.

Services are suffering due to cut-backs; budgets for community projects are being reduced or ceased completely but mad senior council officials are spending £millions of tax-payers money on luxury items for themselves to boost their so-called ego and their despotic empires – and they’re getting away with it.

Recycling is a sensible thing but the penalties applied to the tax-payer for having too much rubbish is madness.  We don’t create the wrapping and packaging – the stores do – but we’re now made responsible for its disposal and councils want to tax us even higher to take this rubbish to the local dump which leads to fly-tipping and a deterioration in our communities.

Why don’t they penalise the supermarkets?  Power and money – supermarkets pay a lot of money for special consideration by councils and they wield a lot of power one way or another; they also have enough money that they can hire teams of lawyers to defend them if councils should point the finger of responsibility in their direction – tax-payers are easier targets.

So we’re left with corrupt councils illegally creaming tax-payers money across to pensions; a reduction in services to those least able to speak for themselves; the threat of further taxation to dispose of packaging and waste generated by supermarkets; micro-chipped wheelie bins to catch nasty residents who put too much rubbish in their bins; increased costs to pick up after fly tippers and a whole bunch of unhappy tax-payers who whine but do nothing.

Maybe we should all be taking excess packaging back to the supermarkets and leave it for them to deal with – they caused the problem, they should clean it up and maybe they’ll get the point and reduce packaging.  It reduces the burden on the tax-payer and we’re under enough stress these days as it is.

Oh and let’s petition our councils to find out how much money is being spent on pensions and remind them that it is ILLEGAL to use council tax money for this purpose.


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