You’ve got to admire government ‘spin’

Those clever buggers in the government have got to be admired for something and we’ve decided that it is ‘spin’ that gets the Admiration Award.  How else could the likes of this:

 champagne guzzlers and 8-figure bonus boys contributed to the loss of billions of pounds, yet the likes of:

 this old lady gets to pay for the bail-out; and the likes of:

 this lives a life of luxury on council tax while:

 he battles to access services in the community and the likes of:

 this decides the fate of millions of people, while the likes of:

 this man faces an uncertain future.

Spin puts a halo above the heads of the thieves and liars while putting a pitch-fork into the hands of the most vulnerable in our society – you’ve got to admit …. that’s clever!


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