Expenses fraud still out of control in the House of Lords

Instead of reigning in expenses and saving the public-purse some money, the House of Lords expenses system has shown an increase in expenses paid to the peers in the first three months of implementation to a whopping £6million – that compares to £4.5million in the same period the previous year.

Peers such as Lord Taylor of Warwich and Lord Hanningfield have been found guilty of cheating on their expense claims and have been convicted of fraud – neither of them have had the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) applied to them and although they have been order to repay thousands of pounds back, they have held on to their homes and their lives while less fortunates have to deal with a complete and utter destruction of their lives at the hands of the government departments such as the DWP.

While ordinary people are being crippled by the use of terrorist legislation used inappropriately, MPs, council officers, civil servants and even the expenses watchdog are getting away with spending tax-payers money for personal items and for personal gain – the inequity is staggering.



3 thoughts on “Expenses fraud still out of control in the House of Lords

  1. Yes the inequality is staggering, the proceeds of crime act is the most socially destructive piece of legislation ever, imposed, by a morally defunct government. Why have non of the. MP or house of lords member convicted of fraud “cheating the public purse is the term used by the courts when convicting people who abuse the publics money. The proceeds of crime act will never be used against a public officer (they no longer like the term servant) or politician as it meant for the little people who don’t have the means to protect themselves, and if they did would not have for very long. I think maybe Lawful rebellion is now the only way, but how do you get sufficient Air time without be called a crank? The current strike with civil authorities is outrageous. We have put the power of the Proceed of crime act into the had of the very people who seek to strike if they don’t get what they want. Yet again a wise choice made by a government with no Wisdom. .

  2. The issue of how to promote Lawful Rebellion without being called a crank is a serious one and needs to be understood and supported by a great many people. To date, those who are exploring the Freemen route are viewed as people who simply want to get out of paying their council tax yet there are serious constitutional issues at stake which must be brought to the attention of the people.

    Lawful Rebellion is about dealing with a corrupt Parliament; those Lords who followed Common Law and petitioned the Queen have opened the door for Lawful Rebellion to take place and perhaps this is the focus we should be following? Needless to say, exploration of this process is high on the agenda.

    People are learning to protect themselves and knowledge is perhaps the most powerful tool available to the Freemen movement – learn and share your experiences; ask questions and question the answers; learning leads to understanding; understanding leads to power.

    There are many organisations and groups doing excellent work locally and hopefully the dots will begin to join up over time and the efforts of those wielding the sword of knowledge will begin to break down the walls that the government have erected around their corruption.

  3. I would hope this is the case I have considered petioning Lord Onslow, one of the few, who has spoken open and debated some of the devious legislation you refer too. But where do I go from here? I would happily move this on but would appreciate support knowledge of other and advice. So any advice you be greatly accepted let get the ball rolling?

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