European court of human rights or no human rights at all?

The UK criminal justice system is a sham; it provides justice only for those who have the money to pay for it and no one cares if Mr or Mrs Average are swept aside by a corrupt and unfair system.

There is widespread condemnation of the European Court of Human Rights but when that is all that stands between an individual and a corrupt government filled with corrupt and incompetent civil servants who have no interest in justice but only in procedure then we must embrace this with open arms.

Our government is proposing a new ‘Bill of Rights’ to replace human rights legislation because innocent people are turning to existing legislation as their only hope for some justice – do we really want corrupt politicians drafting new legislation for our protection … absolutely not.  If Nick Clegg can ensure that legislation drafted by parliament does not affect his off-shore interests then this government cannot be entrusted to create a system upon which people will have to depend for justice.

Democracy is again under attack from within – we have more to fear from our own government that we do from the likes of so-called terrorists.



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