Thieving whitehall civil servants want to keep cookie jar closed

Senior civil servants who are responsible for the unlawful spending of vast sums of public money on luxury items via the public-purse funded ‘procurement’ cards (or credit cards to you and us) are fighting tooth-and-nail to keep their dirty secrets away from public scrutiny.

This begs that age old question – what do they have to hide?  We’ve already seen £millions spent on things that no government department can justify – including thousands of pounds in Soho ‘private members’ clubs.  These so-called mandarins know that money has been spent inappropriately and that they will have to account for that spending when it reaches an outraged public.

We are very keen to see how departments like the DWP have spent our money – we already know that money has been spent on £561.25 for fast food; £10,542.55 at ‘gift, card and novelty shops’; £1,045.74 at ‘home supply warehouse stores’; £524.40 at ‘record shops and a whopping £68,162.00 at catalogue and retail shops (Argos); £544.85 for ‘family clothing’ with a further £77,732.74 for books, newspapers and periodicals.

When young mothers are taking their babies in their arms and jumping from buildings ending both their lives because they have been pushed to despair and desperation by the DWP benefits witch-hunt while thieving civil servants at the DWP are spending hundreds of pounds at the local McDonald’s, who can expect anything but contempt for these people – where is the justice; where is the equality?

These ‘civil servants’ have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and are crying because they have to account for their theft and greed; they are following hot on the heels of MPs, council officials and even the so-called expenses watchdog – there is nothing right about this situation yet we’re expected to put up with it.  Lawful Rebellion is certainly on our agenda as wave after wave of corruption and deceit come to light while the rest of our poor sheep are expected to cut back.



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