Discounted justice for guilty pleas

Cameron reckons that he ‘understands public concerns on crime’ – does he?

There are two sides to the justice coin; on one side, people are concerned about the increase in crime but on the other there is a huge amount of concern about the decrease in justice.  We’re not talking about criminals being brought to justice for crimes that are proven – we’re talking about the assumption of guilt over innocence and the removal of fundamental rights that serve only to create criminals; justice has become a matter of ‘procedure’ and it’s not serving us well.

Insane and ill-conceived Acts are being allowed through parliament without any serious debate or proper consideration.  These so-called laws, while being completely contrary to Common Law and Human Rights tend to remove your ability to defend yourself from spurious accusations that because they follow ‘procedure’ are themselves classed as ‘evidence’ even though no real evidence exists – we’re back to the ‘being arrested for resisting arrest’ scenario.

When the ConDem’s got into power, old Nick Clegg was straight onto the ‘Your Freedoms’ bandwagon with a pretend website asking Joe public what laws they felt needed to be repealed or at least looked into.  There was a huge response against things like the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 which is one of Common Purpose and New World Order’s major tools; it negates all rational thinking and makes a criminal of any accused of any crime, even those for which POCA was not made – it’s a constitutional nightmare.

So what happened to this suggestion?  Nothing happened – we’re all aware of the weak, wishy-washy changes that have been made to ‘protect’ us and give us back our freedoms – what a waste of time.



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