Government spin = shadow boxing

Apparently government spin has turned into science.  The Telegraph reports that the food chain is at risk of being poisoned by terrorist groups and that food and drink sold in Britain is under a growing threat and their report comes from Richard Gray who is their Science Correspondent.

Warnings from the Centre for the Protection of national Infrastructure which is part of the Security Service has been telling manufacturers and retailers that their ‘sector’ is vulnerable to attacks by ideologically and politically motivated groups.

Here we go, it was only a matter of time before our government tried to exert more control than ever over our lives and this latest spin gives them the perfect opportunity.

This is a permanent ‘risk’ that everyone faces around the world because we’re so consumer driven; it’s not suddenly gotten worse because someone has made a mistake that has contaminated a few cucumbers.

“The threat is unlikely to decline in the foreseeable future” says it all; our rights, freedoms and liberties have been removed because of this ‘terrorist’ threat, that’s calmed down a little so now we have a new spectre to fight – no doubt there will be armed guards at food processing plants and reservoirs and pretty soon we’ll be buying our food with government issued ration coupons to ‘protect’ us from the possibility of food contamination; a black market will open up where baked beans will be sold for £10 a tin; the government will exert more control over us to stop this ‘racketeering’; we’ll be issued guidance on when, where and how we must shop; if you grow your own food, the government will tax it; if you give a couple of pounds of spuds to old Mrs Jones down the road, the police will arrest you for ‘dealing’ – sounds like fiction doesn’t it!

The only people who will benefit from this scaremongering will be the corporations making money as guardians of our food supply and the government as our ‘saviours’ – grow up and leave the spin to the government; they do a good enough job of undermining our society without the help of the media.

If we use this logic then the NHS is as much a terrorist threat as al-Qaeda, the IRA and (apparently) animal rights activists.  Under the care of the NHS and successive governments, various strains of MRSA have been allowed to develop and flourish infecting thousands of people around the country and killing many of them – where does spin end and reality begin?

Let’s count the days before a huge budget is thrown at this ‘potential’ problem and white papers are written, new Acts and statutes rushed through parliament that makes it illegal carry groceries in a built up area and all sorts of other nonsense that could be managed by good habits and common sense.

This new shadow threat comes from a German doctor who has called for an investigation into how E. coli affected cucumbers got into the ‘food chain’ but it is thought that poor hygiene is to blame – quite how this translates to a terrorist attack it beyond us so it’s clear that the government will be using this as a means of taking further control out of the hands of the people.

If some incompetent twit in Germany didn’t wash his hands and contaminated these cucumbers then sack him and remind people to wash fruit and vegetables before eating them – personally we always peel cucumbers anyway.


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