Civil servant credit card spending is out of control at £25million

The DWP likes to think of itself as above the law and their civil servants are amongst the most inefficient and deficient of all public sector workers.

In 2008 such spending was around £6.6million, in 2009 it had risen to £7.95million and in 2010-2011 it has increased to a staggering £25,934,398.37 of which £4,405,639.20 was spent by the DWP on things like:

  • Shopping – £241,488.62
  • Restaurants – £11,053.29
  • Stationery – £623,071.26
  • Hospitality – £81,108.89
  • Maintenance – £86,453.94
  • Equipment – £824,403.24
  • Consultants – £164,228.53

Remember this is CREDIT CARD spending over and above the departmental £billions and any contracts they might have in place; it’s certainly unusual to spend so much money on maintenance and consultants on such an ad-hoc basis and if you look a little more closely you’ll see items such as £561.25 for fast food; £10,542.55 at ‘gift, card and novelty shops’; £1,045.74 at ‘home supply warehouse stores’; £524.40 at ‘record shops and a whopping £68,162.00 at catalogue and retail shops (Argos); £544.85 for ‘family clothing’ with a further £77,732.74 for books, newspapers and periodicals.

Government jobs are so stressful it seems that officials across 18 of its departments have treated themselves to relaxing breaks in the country at luxurious and opulent resorts and have taken Apple iPads and snowmobiles along with them – all purchased from your hard earned money.

Of the £3million spent on travel, half of that was on luxury five-star hotels in Mexico, Indonesia and Dubai; £60,000 at private member clubs in Soho and more than £2million on away days, theme parks and residential training at luxury retreats in Britain.  Shopping at Harrods, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer accounts for around £500,000; £4million on ‘office supplies’ and another £3.6million on ‘stationary’ – you can bet your DLA that these figures include more desirable items such as iPads and such.

There are 140,000 tax-payer credit cards in circulation and they are being used to spend £1billion of our money every year – it’s not right; children are going hungry and family homes are under threat while these thieves spend hand-over-fist the money that it supposed to support the country.



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