Christian values abandoned by wealthy Westminster council

Anyone who reads the report that Westminster council want to ‘criminalise free food for the homeless’ can’t help but be appalled and disgusted.  They want to ban a free soup kitchen that provides food for 150 homeless people in one of the richest of London’s boroughs because basically it amounts to the fact that they make the place look untidy.

What has this country come to when Christian values are thrown away because of a ‘litter problem’ and some disturbance to local residents who, given that they live between Victoria station, busy Victoria Street, a couple of theatres and with Westminster and Parliament just a stone’s throw away, a little noise from the slurping of soup is bound to get on their nerves.

This attitude is a clear indication that our councils are sick to the core and that anti-Christian attitudes and values have permeated the council who couldn’t care less for the homeless.  Nothing could have made this clearer than last years scandal when two senior council officials were investigated by the police for ‘cash-for-homes’ fraud.

This is the latest in a string of examples of councils having lost the plot – they are there to serve the people, not the other way around.  How about Westminster finding homes for the homeless instead of brushing them under the carpet or trying to kill them off by denying them basic human rights?

As bad as the Human Rights legislation might be, this is a clear example that there must be protection for those who cannot speak up for themselves and if the Human Rights Act and the European Convention Human Rights legislation provides that protection, so be it.

Doesn’t this also fly in the face of the governments drive to have local charities pick up the slack of the governments failure to support its people.

This disgusting, non-Christian view is unacceptable and goes against common decency.


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