Andrea Hill cleared of bullying and intimidation – yeah, right!

A council committee that met in secret has apparently cleared Andrea Hill of being a bully and of intimidating those who she managed – yeah, right!  When 104 members of staff leave the council and gagging orders costing the rate-payer at least £1million have been placed on them to prevent them from voicing their complaints, it’s clear that not all is it seems in Suffolk County Council.

Senior council workers don’t leave their jobs on a whim nor do they hang themselves in the woods without some cause and no matter what, the secret committee that will look to cover it’s own back throughout this fiasco.

They are looking into her expenses after a whistle-blower made some complaints – good to see someone has some moral fibre.  This is blatant corruption at in its ugliest form – the rot can be smelt across the entire council and those responsible should be running to dark corners to hide just as Ms Hill has.


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