Murder death kill … what are our police trained for these days?

We’re police … we’re not trained for this sort of thing!

Certainly, it’s not a very nice world we live in; our society has been diluted by the so-called multiculturalism that seems to be the politicians mantra and cries of “racist” and “discrimination” ring out if any doubt or condemnation of it is voiced.  Britain plays host to many races and cultures, members of which are happy to embrace the cultures of the country while enjoying the freedom to honour their own culture.

Many members of those cultures however want nothing more than to destroy the British way of life by bringing their own particular brand of crime and disruption to our shores and then claiming asylum when caught and punished.  This has led to gettoised culturalism where gang culture flourishes and crime becomes a way of life; no-go zones are established which are avoided by the authorities in order to prevent ‘racial tension’ and where the mob rule becomes the established norm.

When we know our police won’t enter a park after dark because they can’t deal with the results then we know what an absolutely sick culture we now live in.  When our police begin to screen out crimes which are too difficult to solve then we know they have completely lost the plot.

What’s left for them to do?  Well, let’s see; there are motorists – they’re an easy target; benefits fraud, that’s a nice easy one too; how about domestic violence – nope, that’s a civil matter now … how about speaking your mind or having an opinion of your own; yep, that’s easy because you’re probably a radical and that’s just another name for a terrorist after all.

What about attending a public meeting at the local council – yes, that’s an arrestable offence now – you might discover the truth behind the real fraud being enacted in this country; taking a photograph of a police officer, that’s against the law … no it’s not ….. what?  It’s not against the law – the police or shopping mall security drone might say it’s illegal, but it’s not – yet!

So let’s get this right – the police can now decide which crimes to investigate and chose not to pursue those which are too difficult to solve because it might affect their statistics.  While Labour enacted thousands of new ways to create criminals and the Condems do nothing to unravel the mess (despite Clegg’s ‘Your Freedoms’ bollox) which means that everyone is under suspicion of something or other – all the time; we now have a police force that can act as policy makers.

For those familiar with the film “Demolition Man” – you’ll recognise that we’re now at the point in that predicted future where the police are unable to cope with  ‘real crime’ – stop the world, we want to get off!


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