MPs spend £3.2million in allowances (in two months) including nearly a £1million on credit cards

While services are being cut to the bone, elderly people are being dumped on the street or left in hospital corridors to die and education is being devalued and debased, the theft of public money continues unabated – it’s been revealed that MPs have spent nearly £1million on public-funded credit cards is the first two months of them being issued.

How the hell can they spend £3.2million in just two months?  What have they been buying with our money?  How can more than half of MPs make 10,000 credit card transactions in that two months?

The so-called independent watchdog, IPSA, was bullied into allowing MPs to have access to these cards along side their existing expense allowances.  IPSA was threatened with being disbanded if they didn’t toe the line unless they relaxed their regime to allow public purse funded credit cards originally used for travel to be extended to other types of expenses.

IPSA is refusing to make receipts for the 10,000 transactions available to the public – so much for Cameron’s transparency pledge.  Perhaps it’s because IPSA themselves have been caught making fraudulent claims on these credit cards themselves and are afraid of opening a can of worms?

A quarter of a million expenses claims have been submitted for January and February with only £4,633 being rejected.  The likes of Michael Gove (Education) wanted to claim £7.50 for telephone calls but it was refused – presumably the rest of the bill was approved.

So all our MPs are submitting around 193 claims each per month – this is over and above the allowances and other concessions their job seems to attract.  That’s going to work out at around £19,200,000 for the year (and you know it’s going to get worse).

If you thought the expenses scandal was over, think again because MPs are continuing to spend our money like it’s water and with councils, IPSA – and let’s not get started on Europe – on the gravy train, has anything really changed?



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