Gravy ‘plane’ for Baroness Ashton – our representative in europe.

Spending by EU executives has come under investigation. It was revealed that our very own chinless wonder Ashton, no longer content with a gravy train demanded her own private gravy plane soon after she took up her role – talk about airs and graces.

While pensioners in Britain hunker down in one room afraid to turn on the heating because they fear the bills, commissioners in Europe are travelling in limousines, travelling to exotic locations like Ghana, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea and staying in luxury five star resorts, splashing out on Tiffany jewellery, fork out nearly £300,000 for lavish cocktail parties including an event in Amsterdam described as “a night filled with wonder like no other”.

Thousands have been spent to hire top orchestras to play at these exclusive events with Tiffany luxury items such as cuff-links, fountain pens and other jewellery being presented to guest speakers.

MPs apparently reacted furiously – possibly because they seem to be out-done by their European counterparts in the spending stakes but at a time when the European Union is demanding a budget increase that would cost the British people £2.65billion a year in “stealth taxes” we are left wondering what is going on in the heads of these people.

The global economy is on the verge of collapse, all European people are at war with their governments over proposed cuts in spending to essential services that will leave vulnerable people and low income families on the bread-line while these European representatives of ours dine out in style on money taken from our pockets.



One thought on “Gravy ‘plane’ for Baroness Ashton – our representative in europe.

  1. Well, despite what the people may think and never mind the cut backs being experienced by us all, Baroness Ashton is yet again to have her way with a deal being made to spend £10m on a glorified air taxi service; as reported in The Telegraph… way to go Ashton.

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