Adding insult to injury – civil servants’ £1,300 bar bill bonanza bordering on brothel

Civil servants at the Department for Communities and Local Government – headed by the so-called ‘formidable’ Eric Pickles have apparently spent a whopping £1,301.50 at The Brickhouse, a burlesque bar in east London.

Using the now legendary tax-payer funded credit cards, these thieves think it’s entirely appropriate to be entertained at this risqué bar drinking cocktails and stuffing their faces while relaxing on ‘VIP beds’ and watching scantily clad dancers strutting their stuff.

What this sort of spending shows is that Pickles himself is a laughing stock as councils refuse toe the line while his own staff fraudulently run up bills behind his back that have to be met by the tax-payer.  It’s not only the duplicity of all this free spending that is going on, it’s the abject disdain these civil servants (an oxymoron if ever there was one) have for the tax-payers.

No government department seems to be exempt from this thinking and no council around the country is immune to the lure of these publicly funded cards because they are not being held to account for their behaviour.  While government departments like the DWP are demonising disabled and vulnerable people and while elderly people are being abused and punched to the ground these vampires are sucking the life-blood from the tax-payer.

We’re all expected to put up with austerity; to cut back and make do – just so the bankers can continue to rake in their bonuses; we’re all expected to sit back as councils cut services while at the same time steal money from the rate-payer to illegally fund pensions for council workers; council chiefs are paid far too much for far too little return while funding extravagant training programs which take them abroad (we wonder where Andrea Hill is hiding).

What has happened to the back-bone of Britain?  Where is the gumption that helped us stand up against Hitler, communism and fascism?  Where is the spirit of the nation?  Gone, diluted beyond recognition, stamped down by political correctness gone mad; eradicated by the spectre of being called a racist; demoralised by thousands of unnecessary laws that means you can’t take a step in any direction without first considering all the factors of health and safety, legislation, by-laws, red tape and procedures.

The spirit of Britain is dying if we sit back and let these corrupt politicians, fraud ridden government and council departments and greedy bankers get away with their machinations and no challenge is offered.



2 thoughts on “Adding insult to injury – civil servants’ £1,300 bar bill bonanza bordering on brothel

  1. I totally agree with you Diogenese! It’s disgusting that these overpaid, overblown bastards could even consider doing this to US, on our over-inflated council tax. I makes me too as mad as hell because I’ve tried about 3 times to get help with our c-tax payments through benefits and reductions, and we couldn’t even “qualify”, since about 2001 we’ve been trying! Those gits are far too arrogant and up themselves! They wanna start remembering who EMPLOYS the swines.

    I suggest you look at a site called “Bexley is Bonkers”, this is a real eye-opener as to what goes on here and what we get for our money! The scumbags have even tried to shut this man up.

  2. Thanks Denise – we’ve been keeping an eye on Bexley is Bonkers. These councils are a cancer but it will take concerted action from many people working together who are brave enough to stick together to unseat these corrupt councillors. It’s encouraging that Andrea Hill of Suffolk is finding life a little less pleasant these days but we’ll see how that develops.

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