Big brother councils – our lord and master; or so they believe

When you read about Big Brother Britain you’ll always see the comment from the sheeple “if you’ve nothing to hide, then you’ve nothing to worry about”; is this why councils, the police and trumped up security guards at shopping centres are so reluctant to be scrutinised?

Councils across the country have taken their scrutiny of residents and have spent hundreds of thousands of our council tax money on night vision spy goggles, infra red cameras and other James Bond style surveillance and tracking equipment used to spy on residents and those who are believed to be committing fraud of some kind.

You can’t point a camera at a policeman these days because they’ll tell you it’s against the law (it’s not by the way); photographers are imprisoned for photographing in public places yet local councils feel they are justified in spying on the public.

Not only is it illegal to spy on the public in this way, the morality, human rights and ethical issues should have these councils running for the hills especially when FOI requests has revealed the £100million spent fraudulently by councils around the country.

They should turn their spy equipment on themselves because they are guilty of fraud on the grandest of scales; in their arrogance and contempt for the public who pay their inflated wages, they learn nothing from the failure of others and continue to use RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) which gives police and security services powers to spy on people in the ‘fight against crime and terrorism’ despite such use being banned.

We should all be very concerned about this revelation; our councils are overstepping the mark on so many issues and at so many levels their behaviour is becoming commonplace and people are beginning to accept it as normal – if you want to lose all your freedoms to unelected, untrained, unqualified and unscrupulous petty officials who have been given just a little too much power and it’s gone to their heads … so be it but don’t complain when you find yourself trapped by these creeping powers even if you have nothing to hide, so you have nothing to fear.


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