Council tax pays for £100million credit card bills

When we say the civil service are duplicitous, we mean it.  When we say councils are not fit for purpose, it’s because it is true.

While councils hike up our council tax bills further and further, we hope that it’s to improve education for our children and to provide essential services to our elderly, disabled and vulnerable, to keep our streets clean and our neighbourhoods safe but …. no such luck.

Recent disclosures show that councils have spent around £100,000,000 on tax-payer funded credit cards over the past three years – we feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that while elderly people are being left to rot in council run care homes, council workers are paying for home cinema systems, theatre trips, silk ties, plasma TVs, jewellery, luxury trips abroad, champagne, electric guitars, trips to South African lodges with saunas and hot tubs, shopping at Tesco and Amazon, wetsuits, games consoles, nights out at the theatre, trips to Abu Dhabi, Thailand and other exotic locations, theme park tickets and the list goes on.

What’s telling is that councils can’t account for the spending, have no real records of the why and wherefores of thousands of pounds spent on dubious things.  The poorer the council it seems, the more excessive their spending – does anyone see a connection?

Can they really justify spending £515 for jewellery at Tiffany or £632 for a Gucci handbag or some such?  Of course not – there is no excuse for such spending other than to call it what it is … FRAUD on a grand scale.  So next time you see a road block in Essex, stopping cars to sniff out drivers smoking in works vehicles, remember that they need the on-the-spot fine money to pay for £15,000 on theatre visits and £8,000 for trips to Thorpe Park to ride the roller coaster – it’s stressful working for the council and they need their perks in order to drag themselves into work each day; how else can they be expected to function, poor things.


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