Austerity means not keeping up with the Jones’s

While The Telegraph is cloyingly discussing the contents of Samantha Cameron’s book and DVD collection and the fashion gurus are fawning over the fashion sense of the two first ladies they are missing something a little more fundamental that highlights the width of the divide between politics and people.

Obviously there is a need to ‘dress for the occasion’ and to look good in the public eye but we really feel that Mrs Cameron should have a little more empathy for the rest of the country who are being force fed austerity when she chooses to wear a dress that cost £2,435 from Harvey Nicks; supporting British design is one thing.  Obviously she will have paid for the dress from her own money – after all, she was entertaining in her own home – but to flout it in the face of the public is just a little too insensitive we feel.

We’re not trying to have a go – Samantha Cameron seems like a nice lady but when so many people are living hand-to-mouth every day, it seems that she could have chosen something equally nice but with a much reduced price tag so as not to give the impression that the financial plight of many people is of no importance to our ‘first family’.

A second kitchen at number 10, now an over-priced piece of cloth to impress Mrs Obama, does this constitute a trend in thinking that will lead to ever more flagrant disregard for the state of our nation?


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