G8 perversion of democracy

Is it just us, or can anyone else see the irony of the US and UK supporting democracy for the Middle East?  At a time in our histories when democracy has never been under such duress from our own respective governments, we hear them bleating on about democracy for other nations.

From where we stand, it won’t be too long before we are the country that will rise up against an authoritarian regime and we can only wonder who will be there to support and fund our fight against oppression and the removal of our freedoms – this has the stamp of New World Order all over it.

Mr Obama said the UK and US would “stand squarely on the side of those who long to be free” and Mr Cameron states the he and the US President will “stand with those who work for freedom”.  It’s right that these leaders should be proclaiming their support for freedom and democracy but it is not right that they should be doing so at a time when they are responsible for the removal of those same freedoms and rights from their own people.

It is right and good that anyone who wants ‘freedom’ should be given the choice to embrace it but they have to be very careful to know which definition of freedom and democracy is being used; Common Purpose and New World Order freedom is not, as the leaders claim, real freedom in any sense of the word.

At a time when our own freedoms are under attack from our own government; when corruption and fraud are rife in the corridors of power and when we are being drawn inextricably towards a totalitarian state in the name of the very freedoms being discussed by the G8 it is very clear that the true nature of democracy and freedom are radically different from what we believe them to be.

We are left wondering how much this ‘support for democracy’ is going to cost us, both financially and morally and how many more of our own vulnerable people will have to suffer when the funds for Middle East democracies will be taken from the money they need to function in our own so-called democratic and free society?


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