Who is to blame for fractured Britain? … the myth of multiculturalism!

Ruth Dudley Edwards asks the question in an article in The Telegraph as David Cameron ‘expressed concerns over mass immigration’ and relates her own experiences of living in South Ealing for the past 30 years.

There are the usual hurt feelings, comments of denial, rebuke and support but one comment really stands out from someone calling herself Izabela80 which we believe speaks volumes and comes straight from the horses mouth as it were.  We’re quoting it here because it is poignant and smacks of the truth – it’s not entirely PC but appears to come from the heart of a normal person, in her own words;

First UK give everywhere  Polish netive speakers in HM R&C  in GP, Hospital. I thought UK do not want Polish speak English thay still do less pay jobs and do not understan what kind of support thay can have. I missing UK I saw in 1992 whe I was first time was in London. If sb want to live in UK mean thay want English shops, culture and decor. Why you let to open shop and do not care tradiciona viev of this shop? I travel cross the London and see this disgustion pakistan shops or indian and wonder why nb care about tradicional development? I want red or green doors I want clean srteet I want see smile on face other people.  How my child can grow as normal person if she see everywhere rubish, naked teenagers and drank people? I decide she will go to provate school and I will pay all mony I have she could be better person so please Mr Cameron do not tell Polish people are guilty of this waht happen in UK. Guilty is peron who said – everybody can do what thay want becouse if we forbiden we will be racist. And what a problem with watching Polish TV? Is it good you have Russian program and have Islamic programs but you have not  Polish? I do not feel worste I finished study, pay tax and can not get credit in bank becouse what? Becouse I am not as good as should be? Believe me people I love UK but I can not look waht happend with this country. I know you wonted to be open for other people but come on thay thing you are naive. We are so skert to say sth for Muslim and Black that at the moement white people are discriminate. Few days ago I am waiting for bus on bus stop. Was standing  black, me white ant  peron on wheelchair. Bus driver was black and stend in place as this black person who stend next to me show him. Exactly door from bus opened and black came first , not this person on wheelchair. Is it fair? I born a baby in St Georges and can you imagen black nurse all the time say to me she is busy nad do not help me with stending after cesarian. Is it fair? Why? Becouse I am white? What is going on? I do not understand such sytuation becouse we have not black people in Poland. We are too poor in social benefits country we could have people from foreign countries.I have nothing to black – just one black borrow mony from me and gone – never gave back. I hate this I have to be more tolerant as black for me.

The important points that Izabela raises are:

  • She believes that if someone wants to live in UK it means they want English shops, culture and décor
  • She wonders why nobody cares about traditional developments
  • She wants clean streets and a smile on the face of other people
  • She wonders how her child can grow up as a normal person if all she can see is rubbish on the streets, naked teenagers and drunk people
  • She is working and using all her money to send her child to private school to make her a better person
  • She wonders why we are classed as ‘racist’ if we object to what other people might do
  • She loves the UK but cannot look at what is happening to this country
  • She understands that we want to welcome other people but knows that they think we are naive
  • She sees that people are scared to say the truth and that white people are discriminated against
  • She feels that the tolerance she is forced to show for others is not required to be shown towards her because she is white

What a wonderfully ironic viewpoint from someone who tells it as it is.  Ruth also hits the nail on the head when she suggests that immigrants are not required to integrate – there is no incentive for them to do so when PC Britain takes the view that it might infringe on their rights in some way to ask people to communicate and understand the environment in which they have chosen to live.

In fact, the government is guilty of discrimination by making it too easy not to become integrated; by publishing everything in a multitude of languages so that foreign nationals can access services makes it more likely that they will never integrate into society and be forever on the fringes and excluded from developing a full life outside of their own circle of friends or relations – this is the multiculturalism myth.

There should be only one culture – the British culture.  There should be one national religion – Christianity.  There should not be a need to have other cultures and religions rammed down our throats else be considered racist.  Having a national identity and pride does not automatically exclude an appreciation of other cultures and religions; we’ve had such diversity in this country for many years and they have all operated along side each other without conflict or controversy.

Multiculturalism is divisive and wrong; it puts up barriers to integration and prevents the Indian and Chinese take-away being part of the British way of life; part of the British culture as much as Fish and Chip shops are; when something new becomes integrated into a culture it becomes part of that culture rather than standing apart from it – does such integration remove its original identity – of course not.

Does honouring our own customs and religion automatically detract from the customs and religion of other cultures – of course not; only in the mind of divisive so-called do-gooders does such detraction exist.  Does discrimination exist – yes, of course it does, it’s human nature to be suspicious of things you can’t comprehend but given the opportunity to understand such discrimination dies away – unless one is forced to embrace another culture or religion at the expense of one’s own; as is being done by the PC lobby who eat, drink and sleep divisive reasoning while the rest of society looks for an inclusive society so we can live our lives in peace and harmony.

It is in the governments best interests to keep us at each others throats – divided we fall.  While they fan the flames of division through their propaganda, law making and pretence of racial harmony through multiculturalism, the people are being forced to identify differences and being prevented from identifying commonality – this is part of the governments Common Purpose and New World Order plans.

Britain should be a nation of people, some of whom are white, some are black, some are Asian, some are Chinese, some are African. some are Polish, some are German, some are Italian but all should be integrated into a single nation under the British flag.  This does not prevent them from being Chinese or African; does not prevent them from honouring their culture; does not prevent them from following their own religious or spiritual paths.


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