Perverse justice

There is something quite perverse about the British courts supporting a convicted terrorist’s rights to stay in Britain while the Home Office wants him out.  He is a Muslim and cannot be named and was found guilty of terrorism in Tunisia and was extradited to Italy where he faced further accusations – quite why he has ended up here is not clear but he can stay here while fighting the government to stay here permanently due to a ‘loophole’ in immigration law.

This loophole creates a back door that allows dangerous people to stay here according to ‘experts’ and opens a can of worms for the Home Office for a small number of people who could ‘pose serious risks to national security’.  The Tunisian national was found guilty in his home country yet is fighting his extradition because it would not be safe to return home – no kidding!

Anthony Glees who is a professor of ‘security and intelligence’ at the University of Buckingham says that “the judiciary are putting the rights of terrorists and terrorist suspects above the rights of ordinary people in this country to go about their daily lives in peace” and we would agree with that except for one important point.

Our government have enacted such draconian and conflicting legislation in the past decade that no ordinary person in this country is able to go about their daily lives in peace anyway.  Now we are advocates of Human Rights and even if the rules and laws are a bit mad, they offer at least some protection of the people from the heavy-handedness of our government but even our credulity is stretched by the viability of this situation.

When our own people cannot go about their lives without constant interference and disruption and face a daily and constant barrage of laws, by-laws, enforcements and similar abuses of power it sticks in the craw to have situations like this develop and for further legislation to be enacted as a result which will make life even more difficult for the people of this country and all because the government isn’t fit for purpose.

Read the full report in The Telegraph – its PC Britain at its most insane.


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