Libyan conflict to cost Britain dearly and make us a target for retribution

Not content with dealing with the results of one illegal war, the government is set to take Britain into the midst of the Libyan conflict and place the country firmly on the retaliation and/or terrorist map.

The bill for our involvement is estimated to reach £1billion by autumn – that’ll mean at least £1.5-2billion because we all know the government can’t do maths.  More importantly is that William Hague has announced that we will welcome with open arms any Libyan official who abandons the Gaddafi regime and that they’ll be ‘treated with respect’ – this is more than the government is doing for its own people.  How much will we have to pay for welcoming these people, will they get a nice hand-out from the state to start a new life in the UK with special privileges and concessions denied to others?

We’ve already spent around £300million on this war and the bill is going up by £38million a week – where is this money coming from?  It’s coming from our taxes; it’s coming from our children’s education; it’s coming from our pensions and being taken from the care of our elderly, disabled and vulnerable.

Our own vulnerable people are contemplating suicide as a result of the DWPs determination to criminalise everyone who is currently out of work, claiming benefits or who are unable to work due to disability – will the money they propose to save through their Gestapo agents at ATOS be used to fund the integration of these war-mongers into our society?

We don’t need to be involved in this conflict, we have enough trouble to deal with at home and it’s only going to get worse as time passes.  But by being involved, we’ll become targets of retribution and retaliation and the government will see fit to impose further legislation to deal with the potential threat and take away more of our liberties in order to ‘protect us from terror attacks’.

So, not content with taking us into another conflict, the power-mongers will use this as an opportunity to undermine our liberties and freedoms and to push us closer to the totalitarian state they desire so much.


One thought on “Libyan conflict to cost Britain dearly and make us a target for retribution

  1. Here’s a sample disclaimer letter to show the Libyans in response to our Gov’t’s treason on the British, and their shit-stirring into other nation’s matters :

    Mr. (Whatsname – head of the Libyan Embassy), Address of the Embassy,
    LONDON (postcode).

    Date it….
    Dear Sir,

    I/We would like to hereby proclaim that this conflict with your country has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOVEVER TO DO WITH THE BRITISH PEOPLE OF THESE ISLANDS! We need you to know this and respect this, because we too are victims! We have been for some considerable time now (decades infact), under all the modern regimes’ and dictatorships which are occupying our own country and it’s islands from within!

    Much like yourselves we want to save our nation and refuse to let the islands of Great Britain implode from within these shores! The bloodshed that is going on between our nations is an act of treason – not least of all against the British people (both our indigenous and the generations of immigrant workers settled here). Please, this bloodshed must stop!

    We take no responsibility for (the embarrassment of) our Government’s decisions, and we ask you in the name of all that is holy to please consider that if you would ever target us for “revenge” killings. WE ARE INNOCENT and divorced from our Government and Monarchy and wish to lay claim to Lawful Rebellion, Common Law and our rights under the Magna Carter ; (which we’ve come to learn recently have been continuously attacked and threatened to leave we the British People exposed and ridiculed!). Soldiers and other Armed Forces are only carrying out orders to the Queen (and many don’t know as yet how they are being played and set up!). So I emplore you all to think, (not just with your mind but your heart and souls).

    We still have MANY unanswered questions about Lockerbie. We don’t blame the Libyan people because everything that has happened over my/our lifetime seems to bear the Bilderberg/Common Purpose/Illuminati/NWO/Skull and Bones/Tril-Laterial Commission signatures for skull-duggery. So please do not be offended at our fears regarding Arab (Middle Eastern matters), because this information has only just come to light! Suffice to say, not voluntarily either. This has been DELIBERATELY withheld from the Public view (of all our nations), except for the 13 Illuminati bloodlines who are currently running the planet and who want to decrease our numbers of the human population around the globe, by 9/10ths a.s.a.p! You and yours need to be aware of this too. WE DO NOT WANT WARS NOR RETALIATIONS as this is just a ploy fought for profit only and to plunder our resources, keeping us – The Common Man/Woman (of which we should be proud to belong) – in debt, servitude, extreme poverty etc., with more and more of our rights and benefits being taken away. I suggest respectfully that you do some research of your own. Your eyes will be opened, and from there there will be no going back sir.

    Britain as a small island cannot possibly take any people over here (no disrespect intended);- but for the very practical reasons that we do not have the resources and we have far too many homeless people, elderly people who are being neglected by an over-burdened NHS (which is sometimes “genocide by the back door” of the over-70’s who have worked all their lives paying into this health system)! Also we have far too many quangos with useless non-jobs wasting our finite public resources (aka Illuminati gate-keepers). Also we have a callous government that wishes to hack our benefits for the unemployed and those that used to qualify for disability benefit being pushed back into work, thus being denied a decent standard of living and robbed of their dignities – and hang the consequences, plus a “care” system that IGNORES the very real dangers of children who need to be taken from TRULY abusive families who end up dead like darling Baby Peter (one of God’s angels now) – RIP, whilst the social services concerned are rarely brought to account, yet who also spend obscene amounts of money on taking away little children from DECENT AND LOVING PARENTS via bent social workers who set them up, secret family courts, (Courts of Injustice ofcourse), and those who want to reveal otherwise are silenced! So do we have any spare cash to house, educate, clothe, feed and provide healthcare for any extra people who come to these shores? I think we can safely say – NO. Please note this is not a rascist comment but a practical one only!

    We have a government which funds illegal crime, international arms-dealing, murder, illegal wars, keeping it’s own People in poverty (the middle classes included all the more), also illegal debts are created via usuary and not in accordance with our bible teachings! (All to arrange, profligate and perpetuate poverty cycles!). Once again these are CONTRARY to our wishes, well-being and beliefs so therefore we have never given our consent to any of these unsavoury practices! In essence and in every day language – we have not given permission for OUR employees (who are meant to be running the country for US), pilfer, ruin, vandalise, plunder our resources or to nick from our till !!!

    If you need names and addresses of whom to blame and target for any wrong-doings (most of which remember, are planned in secret and WITHOUT the British Person’s knowledge or consent), then may we suggest you try the following and take it up with them:-

    Messrs. D. Cameron & N. Clegg, 10 Downing St., London SW1, Mr. Anthony Blair, (find his North London address), Mr. John Major, (same), the War Minister, House of Commons, Parliament Square, Westminster, LONDON SW1A 1AA. Many of the guilty party assailants can be found at the House of Commons – their place of “work”, and some at the House of Lords! Also may we suggest Mr. B. & Mrs. M. Obama, The White House, Washington, U.S.A (full address and zip code required) and – last but by no means least : Mrs. Elizabeth A.M. Windsor and Mr. Phillip Windsor, (real name Saxe-Coburg Gotha), of Buckingham Palace, London (Postcode and street name to add). They are the powers (unseen), and have many different addresses including Balmoral and Sandringham, all dripping in more wealth than you or I could ever imagine, whilst day after day we fight and struggle to hold on to our ONE modest home. Doesn’t that tell you something?

    Please note that the above list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a pretty good place to start out your investigations.

    Yours very sincerely,

    Mr/Mrs/Miss British Person – (can put yr name or a made-up alias if you fear repurcussions).

    Or – on behalf of The British People, (sign and name a group of you, or get a petition up with names and details if necessary.

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