Ethical dilemma in modern Britain

Here’s a modern take on an old ethical test:

You are driving along in your car on a wild and stormy night; as you pass a bus stop, you see three people waiting there:

  1. An old lady who looks ill and is about to die
  2. An old friend who once saved your life
  3. The partner of your dreams

You have a two-seater car and can offer a ride to only one of them – who do you choose?

This question was used as part of a job application to test the moral and ethical reasoning of the applicant and the answer is, of course: To stop, hand your keys to your old friend so he can drive the old lady to the hospital for treatment while you wait at the bus stop with the partner of your dreams.

However …. given today’s inhumane and unethical society bound by unthinking bureaucratic rules and regulations, the following would happen.

He pulls over; a traffic warden slaps a ticket on his car; he is photographed and sent a penalty for stopping in a bus lane; he is given an on-the-spot fine for kerb crawling; his friend is arrested for driving without insurance; the old lady is left in the corridor of the hospital because she was not delivered by ambulance and is not a PCT trust priority and is over 80 and the memo says to leave them 24 hours to see if they survive and dies without treatment; the family sue him, his friend and the hospital; the woman is an under-cover enforcement officer out to entrap people; he is cuffed to the bus stop and is fined for loitering; he is challenged by a London Transport ticket enforcement officer and fined for not having an Oyster card; his car is impounded and crushed; he is accused of having a luxury lifestyle with his sporty two-seater car and the Proceeds of Crime Act is applied; his business, his house and his savings are seized and taken away from him; it takes three-years to get to court during which time he’s gone bankrupt; he ends up on the streets begging because he cannot get a job with a criminal record and with no fixed address; finally under the new mental health act he is sectioned and put into care for the rest of his life.

Welcome to modern Britain!


2 thoughts on “Ethical dilemma in modern Britain

  1. Thankyou. It sounds extreme but consider the following snowballing scenario of giant proportions : A true story.

    In December 2010, a lady (mid-40’s) whose worked hard all her life, paid her stamp etc. and is very unfortunate NOT to have had a supportive family behind her but a “father” who kicked her out at 16 – telling her to “stand on her own 2 feet”, is accused of a crime she did NOT commit! She’s worked for another major supermarket for 21 years, never stolen anything from that shop or commited any wrongs of that nature. She would still be at that particular establishment were it not for the greed of the company trying to extend it’s empire and profits in wanting to accumulate more land on which to build their superstore in 2008 ! One nearby council refused and so they’ve had to rebuild their larger complex on the same site. But unfortunately not before they’d made most of their staff – (the REAL workers) redundant! Don’t worrry the bosses and managers never had to face nasty Johnny Reality and they got offered prime positions in other stores throughout the county! Including the spoilt 20-yr-old Tunbridge Wells twit who was made boss over the more dedicated, experienced older workers who’d been slaving their guts out for years! This silly little cow was rebuked for laughing about it online at a social network site, posting photographs of the ruins etc. and she was demoted at her new place of work! YES !!!!

    However, our friend had to re-apply to other supermarkets for alternative employment because they never offered her the job back – that she’d kept successfully for 21 years!

    Having worked for the past 2 years to date at the new employment (well known other supermarket chain that is), a nasty incident left this lady in shock, suspended from her job, disliked by other staff members who (like sheeple do) – followed the default opinion that she must “somehow be guilty or had a hand in this heist”, and she’s collapsed into severe depression and could be at risk of suicidal tendencies due to all the above stress caused to her! What occurred a week before Christmas was that this thieving (arsehole) came by her till and managed to walk out without paying for his shopping of over £100’s worth! None of the security saw or stopped the swine! But then (socalled) security is money or wages down the drain because those guards at the supermarket store in Tenerife NEVER intervened when that poor British Lady Jennifer Mills was beheaded in front of shocked customers! So basically they’re a waste of time! This poor lady got the blame from the heavy-handed managers there (who couldn’t manage nought), and they had this poor girl arrested on suspicion of “colluding” with the thieving swine! (Who the police have never been successful in catching so far and don’t seem to be putting themselves out to do so), just so long as they can get their brownie points for arresting SOMEONE – no matter how innocent! (Sounds like Common Purpose idiots).

    My friend was frogmarched to the local cop shop, and even threatened with handcuffs – all 4ft.7” and 6 stone of her, which thank goodness for small mercies they didn’t carry out., but she had to endure all their patronising comments and wise-cracks when she asked for a cigarette, (she only smokes when stressed).

    Two coppers (male and female) called around to her landladies’ digs and barged into her room, looking presumably (in their minds) for the “swag” she “must’ve been hiding”! They rifled through her personal things virtually telling her landlady how untidy this girl was and that she ought to evict her, as this other woman (wpc sow) “wanted a room to rent and would be much tidier and a better prospect” for her! She was asking the lady if my friend had a boyfriend? (Presumably – as the new guilty until proven innocent violation dictates) – friend must’ve therefore been hiding all those groceries in her room for the thief! What are they the 21st century Bonnie & Clyde or what? Well in their twisted way of thinking they must’ve been!

    She was without wages for 3 whole months, having to sign on and getting very little help from the reviled DWP, her solicitor was wonderful and I’d like to give him a big thankyou here! But our local constabulary – forget it! The biggest lunatics are running the assylum mate – know what I mean! Justice in this country is a disgrace!, and even then one tosspot of a police officer very kindly told her in front of her solicitor that he (in his infinite wisdom) thought that she “ought to have gone down for that and found guilty”, unquote. Pig!! This was because some rancid old bat lied to the store in question about my friend, and at first they took this to mean “new evidence” when it was really vindictive garbage! Also this store’s “security” CCTV cameras – which they can never be bothered to use or view if YOU need their help to reveal something, showed the friend writing something down on a piece of paper! Obviously it meant nothing, but these prats chose to make mountains out of molehills in this instance! Shame on them, and on the majority of their staff too who never stuck up for this lonely and vulnerable single woman on her own!! They all helped to hang her out to dry, when anyone in reality could’ve pannicked and taken a while to gather their thoughts and call security over, and why wasn’t security watching either? Not very observant were they?

    Now she has her job back but it’s a shit job they’ve given her, as – apparently – she “can’t be trusted on the tills no more” according to their muddled thinking and lack of good security who can act at the right moment and on the RIGHT occasion! She had to wait an age to get her wages reinstated (which had been suspended for over 12 months!). It’s even more obscene when one considers what she was supposed to live on in the meantime? Fresh air??? There’s very little (if any in some cases) proper help and financial assistance out there! This could have disasterous consequences if the person suspended had a mortgage!! This is simply not acceptable, and it proves this country has gone mental. She had to attend a humiliating hearing in order to get her job back (though not her more comfortable sitting down job which she had). She had to wait while they sorted out her money, yet they stopped it immediately, and had her arrested in front of her colleagues and their customers on the spot! She’s also having to apply herself for a tax rebate because THEY put her in the position of having to apply because she’s on emergency tax! It’s disgusting, and it’s getting more and more like Nazi Germany where you’re not even allowed to be human anymore and make a mistake, very worrying! Yet if you’re a cheating, lying, scheming (but artful) scumbag you’re well in and get a meal ticket to the Elite Club! Nice!

    The upshot is ever more worrying still because although this innocent lady has a job at that infamous establishment back once more – it is NOT HER job! She is exhausted and kept on her feet all day long, hauling the cages up and down even though they know she has rheumatoid arthritis and her leg keeps playing up! Talking about taking the piss!

    • There is no doubt that this country has gone mad and that the laws of this land are now based on ‘accusation’ rather than ‘proof’ – we read recently where someone was arrested; the crime? Resisting arrest … what? Yup apparently you can now be arresed for resisting arrest – there was no mention of any other crime, no mention of why this person was being accosted in the first place but in standing up for themselves, they are guilty of resisting arrest!

      We hope your friend is able to get another job in a more supportive environment and put this nonsense behind her.

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