Vince Cable feels public don’t understand the mess the government has caused us

We appreciate Vince Cable’s candidness, it is refreshing for a politician to stand up and tell it us as it.  While the mess can be attributed to the Labour government and the completely inane decisions made that are now coming back to haunt us, politicians of all colour must take responsibility for not doing their job and keeping an eye on the proverbial ball – if they are not part of the solution, then they are part of the problem.

Many Britons are well aware of the depth of the financial crisis but our concerns are being diverted two-fold; first by the lies of the government in keeping the truth to themselves despite the obvious being right under our very noses and secondly in having to battle with the austerity measures imposed on the public through the Common Purpose propaganda being directed towards those who are dependant on state handouts and especially those on the dole through no fault of their own.

Our own financial predictions were made many months ago and we feel that the worst is yet to come and such predictions make the bonus culture, duplicity, fraud and greed of the political sector all the more difficult to swallow; while bankers are secure in their jobs despite the cataclysmic results of their mis-management and continue to grant themselves overwhelmingly obscene bonuses; despotic council leaders are lining their own pockets on rate payers money and our so-called representatives in parliament continue to ride the gravy train.

We don’t need warnings about things we already know, we need to see change at the top and an end to Common Purpose that denies equality to the people of this country while feeding more and more wealth and privilege to those who don’t deserve it.

While the corruption continues we are driven ever more toward Lawful Rebellion – so be it.


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