Elliot Morley ex-MP jailed for expenses fraud

Y’know we can’t quite make up our mind if the sentencing of Elliot Morley is proof that law and order applies to everyone regardless of rank or position or if it’s a rather sad acknowledgement that British politics is so corrupt that this sort of situation can arise in the first place.

The message we receive from the duplicitous investigations and outcomes is that it’s not frowned upon for government officials, civil servant mandarins and senior council workers to commit fraud but rather that it’s how you do it and especially getting caught that is now the problem.

David Laws seems to have gotten away with it and the welcome mat is on the doorstep of the House of Thieves just waiting for him to finish his seven day holiday – one might ask yourself why?  Perhaps his friendships extend to higher places or perhaps he has some dirt hidden away that someone doesn’t want to be made public; no one can say for sure at this point although if this seven day suspension is considered to be the toughest of sanctions faced by an MP you’re left wondering what they would get for murder or rape – two years holiday in the Caribbean perhaps?


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