Mandarins rotting in the Treasury bowl

When it comes to duplicity, the civil service is second only to the government itself.  It’s been revealed that The Treasury is on the expenses bandwagon and has spent more than £2million of your money on 5-star hotels, cookery courses and high-street shopping.

Civil servants across Whitehall are resisting having information of their expenditure from the public purse publicised presumably because they know they’ll be getting it in the neck and they fear another MP-style expenses scandal.

Treasury staff have been living it up on public funded credit cards and spent money on five cookery school trips; two chocolate making classes and three trips to a go-karting fun centre in Canary Wharf; they also spent £850 on a visit to Go Ape – a tree-top adventure playground to allow them to search for their inner Tarzan (having already found their inner highway robber no doubt).  Treasury fruit-loops (mandarins) spent nearly £9,000 at shops like M&S and John Lewis as well as £28,751 on lavish hotel rooms around the world.

Not content with the tax-payer funded facilities they already enjoy, civil servants obviously conference better in style having spend £29,000 on the hire of places like Orton Hall, a grade 2 listed Jacobean Mansion and Wiston House, a 16th century country manor.  Another £560,000 has been spent on team-building nonsense including leadership, presentation and communication skills classes.

So when you next have to decide whether you can afford to pay the gas or phone bill because wages are low and money is tight, spare a thought for the poor mandarin and civil servant who, in reduced circumstances, is forced to do their own shopping at Marks & Spencer and John Lewis or forced to lay their head on silk pillows at a Jacobean Mansion while contemplating how they can communicate and present their expenses while displaying their leadership skills by way of justification.

It’s time to get angry when families are at ‘breaking point’ as bills jump £54 a week and inflation hits 4.5% while money is taken from your pocket to fund the luxury lifestyle of public officials who spend with impunity to make themselves feel more important and valued even though they are not doing anything worthwhile and not contributing to the stability of this country, your way of life or your family.

The life of privilege and plenty at the tax-payers expense has to stop and Lawful Rebellion seems to be the only answer.  I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!


One thought on “Mandarins rotting in the Treasury bowl

  1. They must stay at the same 5star hotel as the Irish Government did. The sheer public outrage when the Irish Times revealed the heavyduty expenditure bigboys top 100 in all it’s inglorious technicolor. Red faces TD’s (Irish MP’s) who had no defense. That was the major nail in the coffin for FF. Yet ultra-righteous opposition leader at the time Enda Kenny who is now taoiseach (prime minister) was in the TOP 10!! and ABOVE COWEN!! He should remember that when he gets a fit of righteousness.

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