Laws law is nothing to do you with according to Kevin Brennan MP who chairs the Commons committee

Despite carrying out fraud over a 10 year period where he got the public purse to pay rent to his partner, thereby making the burden on his own pocket lighter, David Laws will apparently pay his debt to society by getting his job back and taking a week off to think about what he’s done – then it’s business as usual.

Is such a decision after a year-long investigation justified?  It’s certainly not value for money and it’s certainly not justice and we are left to wonder at the inequity of such decisions and for Kevin Brennan, the chairman of the Commons committee thinks it has nothing to do with the rest of us and the “judgement was a matter for the House” and not for the media or commentators within it – but without the interference of the media, the people being defrauded would never have found out what was going on.

How dare Parliament once again set itself above the people of this country and try to deny us the right to have a say when money is stolen for the public purse that could be used to educate our children who, God knows these days could do with a better education system.

Perhaps many letters of complaint to Kevin Brennan about his comments as reported in The Guardian by Simon Hoggart would give him cause to choose his words more carefully before trying to deny those paying his wages from having a say about what goes on with our money.

We’re writing to him to demand an apology for attempting to keep the truth from the public and for implying that when fraud is perpetrated against the people that they should not have a say about it.  His contact details are:

Kevin Brennan MP
Transport House
1 Cathedral Road
CF11 9SD

Tel: 02920 223 207


If you decide to contact this twit, please post a comment here so we can keep count.


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