Government admits our borders are open

The Commons public accounts committee reports that the UK Border Agency isn’t doing its job and that around 181,000 migrant workers and students with expired visas are probably still in this country – hands up all those who are surprised by this revelation; it’s what most people are telling the government who don’t want to listen to reality unless they have spent a lot of tax-payers money to come up with the same answer themselves.

The government have put a great onus on the small businessman who already carries a huge burden of bureaucracy like a yoke around the neck, preventing them from creating jobs and getting on with the business of running a business yet the Home Office apparently doesn’t keep a check on employees who are brought in by an intra-company transfer scheme (read bit corporations) and have no sanctions on employers (read big business) who fail to ensure their staff return home.

Again, the government puts the burden on the shoulders of small businessmen while allowing the large corporations to flout regulations without any penalties proving that there is no support for the small businesses who are the life-blood of the country and who provide (given the opportunity to do so) a wealth of employment opportunities for families or school leavers.

The immigration minister, Damian Green, with his Common Purpose hat on has admitted that the government is going to apply it’s new global policy of “enforcement” and “compliance” which probably means a greater burden for the small business owner who cannot afford the time and does not have the resources to battle with the government while big businesses will wheedle out of their responsibilities because of the power they wield.


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