Our world in their hands – scary

We’re not here to judge Dominique Strauss-Kahn on his philandering even though his allies say he is a “well known seducer” and Anne Mansouret, the mother of another supposed victim, said the he had “a kind of addiction, a difficulty in controlling his impulses”.

The question we can ask however is ‘how such a man was able to climb the ladder to the giddy heights of leader of the International Monetary Fund’ – certainly his ways are well known, even to his allies.  Supporters will say that his personal life has no bearing on his political career (and yes, it is political considering the influence the position carries) but of course, such a man would be the perfect target for blackmail and coercion which means that his past decisions may not have been entirely professional.

Here in Britain, we know that our leaders are corrupt and that they represent no-one but themselves and they are taking great pains to ensure the safety of their position while doing their utmost to criminalise anyone who dares to stand in their way.

We’re being forced to divert money that our people need to survive to yet more corrupt agencies such as the European Commission where we’ve already reported on the level of deception and privilege they enjoy at the tax-payers expense.

The IMF are positioning themselves as the World Bank which must be considered top of the New World Order and Common Purpose tree; the bail-out of countries such as Greece – for the second time – only undermines the value of the country and puts the people into perpetual slavery to pay back a debt that was generated by its government.

International aid to Greece is spearheaded by the IMF but it’s our money they are using yet do we see any return on that money?  Have we seen a return on the bank bail-out money?  Perhaps the IMF benefit the most from  these arrangements as Mr Strauss-Kahn finds it convenient to carry out his debauchery from the confines of a $3,000 a night suite in New York while riots rage in countries ravaged by debt.

This man also wanted to head the French government as a presidential candidate – the French people know how to stand up and be counted so we don’t reckon much on his chances.  With the Euro in a slump and the world going to hell in a hand-basket, this man is running around a luxury hotel stark naked – what’s he wearing; dunno, but it needs ironing…

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