Greedy Andrea Hill scuttles into hiding

There is more controversy about Andrea Hill having paid more than £200 a night for her own hotel room while others in the council attending some function or other (it doesn’t matter what or where, because they’re usually a waste of money) pay only £85 a night for accommodation.

We should be more concerned about the £27million paid to BT Vital Vision and the drive to then save £25million by sacking other staff.

But she’s now scuttled off into hiding not, no doubt, due to any embarrassment over her poor behaviour and apparent lack of any moral fibre whatsoever but for personal reasons – we can only hope that there are no compelling personal reasons to keep her off work on full pay for too long as the public purse can’t afford it.  Perhaps she’ll take the opportunity to consider her actions and to be big enough to admit that perhaps she’s not as valuable an asset as she likes to make us believe.

Will it surprise too many people if Mrs Hill suddenly develops an illness, stays off work for an extended period on full pay and then has to leave with a golden handshake and pension.  Will it surprise anyone if she suddenly resurfaces in another public purse funded role shortly thereafter.

Hill will no doubt follow in the steps of Nick Johnson, the head of Bexley council who took time off on full pay, left with a pension and golden handshake due to illness then went immediately to another council to fleece another £830,000 from the taxpayer.

We have yet to hear the latest on the poor man who supposedly committed suicide by hanging himself shortly after leaving the department responsible for auditing monies spent at the council run by Ms Hill.

Remember you heard it here first, watch this space…


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