Austerity not for those in power – it’s only for the public

While the likes of you and me are desperate to hold onto our assets and weather the financial storm that rages around us; listening to the government tell us how difficult life will be for a while, you’d think they believe they have a handle on the problem and are working with us during this time of austerity (yes, we know it’s rubbish but we’re trying to make a point so bear with it) …. anyway, austerity.

According to a recent report however, the kitchen at No.11 Downing Street is not up to the standards of Mrs Cameron who has decided rather than remodel the existing kitchen – which you might be able to understand if she has to use a 70’s kitchen – but rather to have a SECOND kitchen installed which has been described as a “Notting Hill-style designer kitchen”.

Freedom of information requests to find out the cost have been thwarted from which you can surmise that it’s expensive and embarrassing to admit and shows once more how there are two sets of rules, one for the likes of you and I and another for those in power who think that their status is, in some way, an open door to abuse of our rights.  No one begrudges Samantha Cameron a decent home but what the government should remember is that we all want a decent home to call our own.

It has to be said though that if we had to move in after Gormless Brown, we probably have the fumigators in first, never mind replace an old kitchen.


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