Cameron Clegg coalition – complacent, complicit, corrupt, contemptible

Cameron and Clegg’s support of Mr Laws, their colleague caught cheating money from the public purse to the tune of £100,000 but aren’t they missing the whole point?

What do the people of this country want?  Do they want cheating, fiddling politicians or do they want someone they can trust?  Do they want a system which favours status and power above things like morals and honesty?

David Laws might very well have a lot to offer ‘public life’ but when we see such examples of abuse being rewarded while ‘benefits cheats’ are treated like refugees from a leper colony.  It is right that cheats should be brought to task but it is not right that cheats in parliament should get preferential treatment and allowed to carry on their lives as normal.

Those of benefits are being hounded by the DWP in a drive to save £500million apparently paid on disability benefits, while bungling pensions staff at the DWP are paid £40million in bonuses and a third of the £3.1billion in overpayments is attributed to more bungling officials while DWP chiefs spend £1million a year on office chairs and Somali refugee’s are given £2.1million to house seven children in luxury while owing £7000 in arrears on another home; charge the unemployed a premium rate of 40p per minute to phone Jobseekers Direct to speak to incompetent staff who keep them hanging on too long; then spend £2million on ‘leadership’ courses for DWP management; they find the time and money to entrap employers rather than supporting industry in making new jobs; tell a girl of 10 she is ‘not disabled enough’ to receive support despite having lost a leg; ignore illegal snooping by town hall staff; can’t even trust their own fraud investigators when one was caught falsely claiming £31,000; spend up to £1billion a year on mistakes made by DWP staff; allow Blunkett to profit from shares bought in companies who benefit from lucrative government contracts yet allow the DWP to waste £100s chasing a woman for 1pence; spend £730million on IT that never even gets taken out of the box; spend up to £3million to investigate allegations of fraud worth £200,000; ranting on about sick-note Britain while the DWP racks up £228million from the public purse in three years to pay for the sick-note culture that is rife within its own department; spend £760million from the public purse on failed scheme to cut sickness benefit; force desperate people to commit suicide after losing support; and it goes on.

While this inequity is allowed to flourish, we have Cameron and Clegg taking time out to support cheats in parliament – when will this all end?


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