Strange case of too much Guinness for Lord Maginnis

How very odd that Lord Maginnis (pictured) considers that the potential prosecution of PC Simon Harwood for his involvement in the death of Ian Tomlinson is to make him some sort of “fall guy”.

Simon Harwood is clearly guilty of having caused the death of Mr Tomlinson even if it was not necessarily his intent to do so.  Mr Harwood was in a position of responsibility and trust and he abused that trust in knocking Ian Tomlinson to the ground in an unnecessarily brutal way.

PC Harwood then lied about his involvement and it was only by the provision of evidence from someone outside the country that the truth was shown for the whole world to see.  To make matters worse, the Crown pathologist, Dr Freddy Patel gave a false report on the cause of Mr Tomlinson’s death in an effort to cover up the crime.

We think that Simon Harwood has had enough “tangible support” and that just because he is a police constable why Lord Maginnis feels that he will be a “sacrifice” if he is made to account for his actions is beyond us; is he then exempt from the rules that the rest of society have to abide by?

ashi rani who comments on the London Evening Standard report says:

leave the young police officer alone. I feel sorry for him and the Tomlinson family are only after compensation when in real life, they couldnt give a stuff about Ian Tomlinson. why was he homeless if he had a family. seems like they had kicked him out of his own house and now that he is dead, there is crocodile tears.

As if to suggest that PC Harwood’s treatment of Ian Tomlinson is acceptable because if his family failed him then it is acceptable for the police and for society to fail him too – what a completely moronic thing to imply and it’s folk like this who prove just how dysfunctional our society has become.

Prosecution of PC Harwood will send a message to the police that even they are accountable for their actions and they should carry themselves accordingly and that police brutality will not be tolerated even in the name of upholding policy as was the case at the G20.


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