Mad Milton has been out in the midday South American sun

Oh Ms Milton, perhaps the sun was too hot in South America and it has affected your brain; your proposals for closing off streets on Sunday so that children might play in safety while laudable is absolutely bonkers.  Don’t you think that if a street has play-potential that children aren’t already taking advantage of them?  Closing them off to traffic is not an incentive to drag the little darlings away from the goggle-box – you need to cease 24-hour TV transmissions to entice them out into the sunlight and fresh air.

Here’s a novel idea, how about making parks, woodlands and open spaces safe and usable so that children (and their parents) can spend time together getting some exercise and having fun away from the mind warping drivel on TV.  And here’s another, how about ceasing the scaremongering which suggests that our children are always in danger of being abducted or otherwise accosted.

The world isn’t as safe as it used to be but sensible parents can deal with that if they were not being convinced that there is a paedophile on every street corner.  Our parks are out of bounds because even the police are too scared to go into them so the first priority should be to make them safe.

Sunday is the only time that many households have to catch up with their lives; visit relatives, do shopping or low and behold, take the kids on a picnic – we have enough restrictions already in place that make our lives a nightmare without having to worry about whether you can or cannot drive on this or that road.

Give councils these responsibilities and how long would be it before they spend more money to recruit “enforcement officers” to snoop around and give tickets to cars that are moving on a street that is designated as closed on Sunday.

Grow up Ms Milton, get your head out of the clouds and stop trying to make a name for yourself by making these outlandish and nonsensical suggestions that have no merit and no real substance other than to drag you out of obscurity and into the headlines.


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