Cops love a cup’o Java

What this report in the London Evening Standard highlights is that we’ve become a nation of bitter and twisted moaners, and rightly so when you consider what we have to put up with.

Like all situations, the good police officers will just have to suffer along with the bad ones; that’s how society is being treated so they can’t feel victimised.

The fact that our lives are dominated by rules, regulations and statutes that invariably result in fines and/or a criminal record, is it any wonder we get miffed at silly reports like this?

We get “zero tolerance” shoved down our throats when we’re doing 31 in a 30 area; we have enforcements officers for everything from smoking to blowing your nose in public; we are fined for littering when a £10 note drops from our pocket; we have police road blocks to sniff our drivers who smoke in works vans – is it any wonder we get out of our collective pram when we have police rushing through our streets with two’s and blue’s going, then parking where they’ll obstruct traffic and all for a cup of coffee.

Perhaps it’s the flagrant arrogance and disregard for the reaction of the public that causes the most concern – certainly for us, this is a clear indication of the divide that now exists and the fact that the police really do feel that they are better than us and not accountable for their actions.


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