Police retirements … perhaps New World Order in the making

Experienced police officers are being forced into retirement and then being asked to come back on a voluntary basis.  Depending on an obscure A19 provision, chief constables (who have no power to make police officers redundant) can forcibly retire those with more than 30 years service on the grounds of “efficiency”.

While our main concerns with regards the police is their propensity to act as “policy” men rather than police constables, this move is worrying because police officers of 30 years standing will have seen the changes in this country, just as the average citizen (hate that word) has seen changes.

I’d be very miffed to feel I was being put out of a job on the grounds of efficiency and then being asked to donate my services free of charge because my experience is in demand – where’s the logic in that?  If I’m good enough to have around as a volunteer, I must be good enough to be on the payroll.  Our reaction would be as depicted by this fun image.

We’re moving into a situation where the government could very easily force martial law onto the country; with no experienced police officers in the force and a bunch of fraudulent plastic police roaming the streets with no real powers, only anarchy can result – the perfect excuse to call in the military and have us all under house arrest.  Next it will be travel papers, forced labour, control of food, water and fuel and we’re ripe for the anti-terror squads to have free reign.

All this smacks of New World Order so be on your toes people.


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