Foreign aid = domestic austerity

We’ve ranted about the provision of £650million in aid to Pakistan to support their education system while our own system has seen £500million cut from the budget.

It’s reported that we’re actually giving £350million a year to Pakistan only half of which goes towards educating their young while spending billions on submarines and war planes and while developing their own nuclear capability and supporting a space program – why do they need our money and why should our own people go without to support a country that is now known to have supported the “international global terrorist” Bin Laden.

Cameron is on his “it is right” bandwagon and states that “we don’t know the extent of that [support] network so it is right that we ask searching questions about it and we will”.  He should have asked searching questions and stuck to his guns when he said that Pakistan was soft on terrorism because for once in his life, he appears to be right about something.

He goes on to say that we should not “give up” on Pakistan or you’re “left with a nuclear power in danger of massive extremism and massive instability”.  We don’t see how giving our money will prevent extremism or instability but will, in fact, foster it because there will be more money to pay for schools while diverting their own money to their nuclear capability – this nonsensical political posturing has to stop.

If Pakistan want to be our friend, then they have to understand that we can’t afford the money that is going into their economy when many of our own children are living in conditions of poverty.  Certainly, we do not want to see our tax pounds, shillings and pence being used to support a nation that is “soft on terrorism” while our own nation arrests photographers for taking pictures in public places.


One thought on “Foreign aid = domestic austerity

  1. It’s all a bit sad really. A lot of political egg on face. A whole poultry farm in this case. And if us ordanaries default on a payment we may as well go blow up some monument and kill and maim thousands in the process because in the eye of the law we’re as criminal as them terrorists are.

    But anyhow the result stands. Obama 1 Osama 0.

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